we've outgrown Right on Red

If I had the power to change once piece of traffic law, it would be the right on red. It has to go. See the right on red, has turned into, I kind of stopped now slow down asshole coming at me, because I pulled out first! Haha! Oh and I don't care if you have a green light or the right of way, I sorta stopped, it's my turn! Seriously, I think it's a nightmare. Right on Red made perfect sense 50 years ago, when there were a few hundred thousand cars in the entire United States.

Now, with millions cars on the road, we need changes.

Really though, this isn't a joke. Driving nowadays is one disastrous moment to another, with tons of oops and near misses, and blessings from little angels sitting on the hood of my car.

First there is the dude on his cell phone, driving 55mph then 80 mph then 60mph then 80mph all in one mile, in the left lane. The actual speed limit is 65mph. I prefer 70mph, and having the opportunity to use the passing lane, which for the record is the LEFT lane when I see fit. I will leave texting and driving to that's just INSANITY!

Then, there is the I didn't take 5 minutes, to put on my make up at home driver. Why should I, when I can use a 2 x 4 inch mirror, out of my normal range of vision, to put on eye shadow, while controlling 3,000 pounds of heavy machinery. What's the problem? I always am at a loss when I see women putting on make up behind the wheel. And I haven't yet decided if they are better in front of me or behind me. I think behind me is worse, for I fear them rear ending my vehicle. For the record, I have witnessed a man shaving on a morning commute, with an electric razor of course.

Of course there is the usual, driving and eating, driving, smoking, and eating, or even better yet, driving, smoking, drinking a Biggee Gulp and talking on the cell phone. Wow. Talents galore. And, yet again I have actually witnessed a woman driving on Highway 36 eating a bowl of cereal.

I could go on and on and on and on... for real.

I've had issues with people being distracted behind the wheel for years now. Mainly because of the mental anguish I suffered following my car accident. The one where the woman pulled in front of me because she didn't see me coming, straight ahead in a BIG BLUE CAMRY, I just magically appeared.

If you are prone to driving and being distracted with other things, you may just get a friendly beep from me. I no longer hesitate to give a Beep, Beep, with a come on seriously look on my face?!

Can we just work on being present behind the wheel. That's all I want. And maybe a little, go ahead, with a wave. I prefer to kill them softly with a big smile, whenever I have the chance.


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you! I've seen a guy shaving with his electric shaver, a mom (rollers in her hair) putting on her makeup with her child OUT of the seatbelt wandering around the backseat of the SUV she was driving in morning rush hour traffic and of course text messaging and cell phone users galore! Yes, these drivers need to stay "present" and focus on the task at hand.

  2. i personally blog while driving, it really does give you something to blog about...i mean typing, driving, singing to Mika very loudly, while mediating kid squabbles. its awesome you should try, just pour yourself a bowl of cereal first.

    no really that is quite scary. and i agree. amen.

  3. The use of the left lane has bewildered me for a long time. It's for overtaking. I have witnessed people coming on the interstate crossing four lanes and going straight into the outside lane with nothing else on the road except me! or the person who stays in the left lane as they need to turn left in 3 miles time!

  4. I am personally guilty of reaching back to hand something to a screaming kid and taking my eyes off the road way too long. Bad, bad, bad.

  5. I hate it when cars behind you honk, pressuring you to hurry up and turn on red.

  6. I'm guilty of handing my kids something while driving, too. I've done while going 65mph on I-25--I figure getting them to stop screaming is worth the chance. Seriously, though, I have a lot of anxiety about driving, especially with my kids in the car.


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