The Whole No Television Thing- TH*13

What I Have Learned From Day 4 of NO Television:

1. Television isn't really that big of a deal to me or apparently my family. Day one I unplugged the television and dvd player, so it wasn't still leeching power. I think Sj asked one time to watch TV on that day. I asked her yesterday, on day 3, so do you miss the television? She replied, No mom, it's not a big deal.

2. We are not serial television watchers. Meaning, I don't really have a must see television show. Now don't really means, I love to watch Bravo's Top Chef. I always get sucked into junky reality television because I can't commit to watching prime time shows to keep up with the story line.

3. I am so HAPPY, ELATED, THRILLED, and OVERJOYED that I did NOT get lured into watching the Pennsylvania Primary Coverage on Tuesday. I read about the results in my New York Times email and that was it. My blood pressure didn't stir, I didn't succumb to hearing the same information repeated 1,000 times over. This is in contention for my favorite reason to turn off the television this week so far. I truly am a sucker for media frenzy over this whole darn election.

4. I feel less anxiety. I am not really sure how to phrase this one, but I feel calmer with out television. Even though I have led myself to believe I zone out in front of the television, that is clearly not the case. Not one day this week, was I in a huff about getting Sj to school on time. Clearly, the television agitates me.

5. I recognize how television is a lure, a draw, and how I can best utilize television appropriately. For instance, at about 4:45 pm, on days GL has not had a good nap, I see the bonus of a little Baby Einstein. It's 20 minutes long, it's not commercial television, and it fits my needs. I am not a bad mom for wanting my youngest occupied while I have Sj helping me cook dinner, typically some raw meat is slathered all over my hands, it's just a mess to have GL in the sling. I guess I could try the backpack. Fun, fun. So far, Sj has been doing a great job keeping her little sis occupied during that time. OR I have resorted to letting her run the water in the sink (just a trickle) to fill a bowl, to keep her busy. Yes, she makes a huge mess.

6. Sj has become reacquainted with some long lost toys. I think she forgot about some of her toys, but this week, they've all been getting extra love. She is very good at creative play, but her art and role playing scenarios have really been shining brightly this week. Love it.

7. I don't know if it's related to not watching television, but I have been in the mood to sort things out. Clear out the clutter, make space. See space. I sorted out 3 drawers in my office that were haphazardly full of pens, dried out markers, office supplies. AND to top it off one drawer is empty. Old working pens, random crap, all gone.

8. This week, as I am taking the No Television Challenge, I am also in the midst of reading A New Earth. I believe no television and the over arching notion of being present work hand in hand. Maybe that's why I am making domestic breakthroughs. I love when life aligns in funny ways.

9. My husband and I have conversations. Yes, I said it conversations. Usually we both have to decompress come evening when the girls are in bed. But is watching television, flipping the channels, sort of hearing what the other person says, really decompressing?

10. I pulled out Scrabble. I love Scrabble. We haven't played in years. I can't wait, maybe tonight is the night. It's hard to find good two person games. I envision a Shandy and some unscrambling of tiles. Btw, I always win! Yes, hubby that's a challenge, you up for it?

11. I envision moving on from this week with television viewing that is structured. Giving Sj, maybe a 1/2 hour of television viewing a day, allowing her to choose what show she would like to watch. Obviously, GL will get a 20 minute slot during dinner prep time. Even for J and I, we will watch maybe one hour or one show a night, or a rental, and that's it. Television with a purpose, not television for distraction from what is going on in our lives.

12. Here's what I don't miss, Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieria making dumb sexual innuendos with each other, or The Today Show exploiting someone that has just gone through a tragic event with their "exclusive interviews", or their news stories that just make me feel more anxiety. I don't miss the same news story over and over on the cable news stations because they don't have the courage to report the REAL news that is going on in the world. I don't miss another cake showdown or some other random Food Network Show, I always seem to glaze over and zone out to. I don't miss flipping looking for something, ANYTHING to entertain me. (I might miss, a little Martha or Anderson Cooper!)

13. So, television it has it's time and place. I won't be moving my set out of my house anytime soon. I love feeling more settled, less anxious. I am glad the toys that are filling my house are finally getting their fair share of playtime.I love feeling the need to clear the nest, go away stuff! I am thrilled that the television doesn't run us like I thought it did. Honestly, it's no big deal. Wow.

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  1. we cut out tv during the week last fall. the kids are a lot less whiny and now everything I try to watch seems really lame. we have family movie night on fridays and they might get to watch a show or two if it's raining on the weekend.

  2. I am happy to say that the last two days, after the 1st day without no TV, have been freed of TV. Yes, there are many more things to do than watch TV. We went outside a lot since it has been so nice. Which is also why I haven't blogged on my current status of no TV week. Good for you!

  3. good to see that this is working out. we barely watch any, but i am sure the husband would be the biggest loser in the no t.v. the kids would hardly notice, but he is just plain weird about leno.

  4. It's not so much about tv but my computer. Right now the tv is off and the boys are playing nicely together. And I'm here on my own idiot box. ;) I really need to cut down my computer hours, but I really do use it for every.single.thing.I do. ;)

  5. I've read that lots of tv (particularly news, which is my weakness) increases anxiety. I guess it's true!

  6. Good for you all! I forgot about Turn-Off Week and because I'm OCD about, well, everything, I can't just start. But we're a lot like your family - no "must watch" shows (except Survivor & LOST, but we usually catch them on the laptop...Same? Oh well), lots of board games & playing outside.

    I definitely agree with the fact that TV is really not relaxing...Or conducive to conversations.


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