Wow, I Stayed Awake!

I've been handing cash, plenty of it, over to none other than the big blue Blockbuster Video. Even GL says, " moo-eey" when we drive past it now. Oops. Actually, I feel like patting myself on the back for all my movie watching. It feels like I'm coming out of my cocoon. You know that, I am a new mother and when night falls, so do my eyelids kind of feeling. Well, considering I am not a new mother anymore with my 16 month old, it was certainly time I stepped up my staying awake at night game. Bring on the rentals.

By the way, my movie renting absurdities have prompted me to look back into the DVD by mail options. We are considering Blockbuster over Netflix, just for the return in store option. We were Netflix fans for years. Our biggest concern is selection, considering BB has been notorious in the past for only offering censored movies, we didn't know if they would have the diverse independent selections of Netflix. Your insight, as always would be greatly appreciated, if you are the movie by mail type!

So what have I been watching? Well, it depends if I am the one to make it to the video store or if it's my husband. We clearly have distinct movie preferences. Husband- blood, sci-fi, gore, for no violence is too violent. Wife- nice movies, thoughtful plot, maybe a cute male lead, chick flicks if not too dumbed down.

Well, I felt compelled to see NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN after it received so many Oscar nods. I walked away feeling glad that I had seen it, but was disturbed by it. Personally the blood, violence, and no closure left me a bit ticked off. I hate open endings. It definitely prompted many discussions with friends, which is always a tell tale sign of a movie well made. Then again, their was the horrific dream I had that night, complete with trying to escape some maniac killer after my family. Yeah, fun.

INTO THE WILD was a must see for me. I am a HUGE fan of Sean Penn, John Krakauer, and Pearl Jam! I knew it would not disappoint. What an interesting story into a young dreamers life. For me the ending was very bittersweet. Seems like our world would have been a better place if Chris McCandless did not leave it so early. Nice supporting roles by Catherine Keener and Vince Vaughn.

THE KITE RUNNER, was a book I had read last year, so I anticipated it's release on dvd. Overall, the movie did not disappoint as many novel to big screen translations do. The cinematography was wonderful. The story as a whole feels sad and heavy, but the movie left me feeling more hopeful.

Well, the WAITRESS was definitely a personal pick. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I had seen Keri Russell on Martha during her press tour for the movie when it hit the big screen. Beautiful food images, little bit of love, and a strong woman who winds up on top! (And, I was left wondering if my friend, KM was inspired by this movie to host a pie themed recipe club this month! hmmm...if not, you better rent it!! )

The BEE MOVIE, was rented for Sj. She wasn't that into it, she watched most of if, with other play and sporadic activity through out. The night before it was to go back, J and I sat down and watched it. It was cute and I had a few good chuckles through out.

So, in general, if a movie keeps my attention well enough to stay awake, it should be a must see! haha..Two movies which put me to sleep, but kept my hubby's attention were Darjeeling Express , I loved the images in India, but still fell asleep and I am Legend, which was way too Sci Fi for my taste.

And, I love a good movie recommendation. Please share if you have a recent "must see" on your list!


  1. i loved Into the Wild, but you already knew that. i recommend Once and Paris Je Taime. we have gotten back into the movie renting scene since the manny has been here. it is good.

  2. you know you should try nextflicks! We just started adn love it. And yea Bee moive...we liked it. we thought it was cute

  3. Oh good, you saw No Country for Old Men, LOVED, LOVED that movie. I'm on the waiting list at the library for the book because I didn't quite get Tommy Lee Jones at the end.

    Javier Bardem was AMAZING! Love those Spaniards! :) We have his movie The Sea Inside.
    And yes his character was extremely creepy in "No Country", I was very scared with that one. I recalled the blog entry I had on it. I haven't seen Into the Wild, but read the book. It's GREAT. I want to see the movie.

    Kiddos and I saw Horton Hears a Who yesterday and loved it. Very cute. The kids sat through the whole thing.

  4. I was totally diggin No country for old men, up until the end. The crappy unfinished end. What's up with what's his face (the sheriff) and most of his recent movies having no ending? Is it supposed to be art? I don't get it.

  5. I so need to see Into the Wild...gonna pass on No Country for Old Men. Thanks for the movie reviews:)

  6. I love most of these movies, too. Kite Runner and Bee
    Movie were this week for us, too. Still liked the book better for KR. Bee movie cracked me up. Guess we should get Into the Wild this weekend.

  7. Netflix is the best. We can find all sorts of obscure things. No the movie didn't inspire me, i'm not sure what did, but hey i'll add it too my list.

  8. We were with Netflix for about a year then dropped it because nothing was getting watched. They keep your queue for 2 years, so I'll pick it back up this summer before they dump it. I liked Netflix and summer is a good time to watch movies.
    That said, I haven't seen a recent movie in so long. I think the last grownup movie I saw in the theater was Pirates 3. Yeah. I'm so up to date. ;)


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