13 Things To Do While Mom Is Gardening

Keeping two mischievous girls occupied while trying to work around the yard has proven to be a challenge. Maybe even more of a challenge than actually all the physical labor. In case you were wondering, I gathered 13 photos of what the girls have been doing around here the last couple of weekends.

#1- Sneak the neighbor's dog treats, even though "she is on a diet".
#2- Remove my pa#3-Help of course, I can haul quite the load. Everyone, watch your toes!#4- Pout, sometimes what we do best.
#5- Vacate the premises. Mom's favorite of the bunch. Yes, the girls are back there!
#6-Sand, sand, and more sand. So much fun, until GL realizes she loves the reaction from others when she throws the sand.

]#7- Swing! Wee.. Still working on the pump on your own.#9- Eat a specially prepared Bento lunch, mom fixed me. American Bento, a beautiful thing!
#10- Umm, create "glop", so mom thinks I ate my lunch. But really I stuffed it all in my cup of milk. Eeew.. Then I can drop it on the floor. Fun, so much fun.
#11- Make friends with the spider colony that has inhabited the bottom of our wheelbarrow.
#12- Play hide and seek!


  1. Looks like lots of fun things to do...except number 11. I hate spiders, that one just freaks me out. I'm glad you're getting to spend time working in your garden!

  2. The spider colony is quite terrifying to me as well. Your yard really looks cheery and inviting. Your girls look like they will have endless fun all summer! Congratulations on all of your beautiful efforts! Time for ice cream cone escapades. Love, Keri

  3. So fun. My boys have one of those scooters too and it is a favorite. As for the food stuffed into the milk, that too is a favorite around here and it drives me NUTS. Yuck.

  4. very cool, loved the lunch thing and the cup full of lunch!

  5. Can't beat simple summer fun...

    (Those spiders have got to go)


  6. Know what 13 things my sons did this weekend while we painted? Me neither, I was painting. There was a lot of TV involved, and the basement was destroyed. No idea what they were doing.

  7. we do the "everything into the cup of milk" it drives me bonkers. I like the raised garden bed! :)

  8. Working out in the yard with little ones can be stressful. I hear ya. Still, it looks like everyone had a good time. Great job!

  9. I love it! Ms. E would LOVE the spider colony. yes, they are creepy; but they kill annoying bugs. The girls are getting SO BIG!!! So sweet....

  10. First, your kids are GORGEOUS!!! Second, I'm so with you on this issue. I'm counting the days until my youngest is in preschool. Only then will I truly be able to get anything done around the house in a reasonable amount of time.

    By the way, the "treats to the dog" one is my favorite.

  11. Wow - they are busy little girls! You must be doing something right. :) How'd the gardening turn out? And what's Bento?


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