20 Itty Bitty Toes

Aaah, Spring! The arrival of sunshiney beautiful days followed by snowy rainy bizarre-o weather all in 48 hours. Today would be the 42 degrees, snowy-rainy bizarre-o day, yesterday would have been sunshine filled 78 degrees. 

On those days it's beautiful out, the first thing I reach for when heading out are my sandals. Only problem is I like to have freshly painted toes, it helps welcome the change of weather in my mind. Naked nails on a 70 degree day are such a drag.

So, I dug out my little box of nail polish and decided to give my toes their first adornment of the season. Occasionally I allow Sj to have her toes painted after i've completed mine. She waits so patiently, watching my techniques. Sighing when I make a big oops. She runs her hands over the bottles, eyeing the color she likes best. 99% of the time, it's some shade of pink. Not like I have a wide array to choose from, but hot pink it always is.

As it turns out this time, after I finished painting my toe nails, Sj had her turn. She choose a different color this time, to my amazement! And guess who moved in, eyeing the bottles, putting her feet right next to her big sister's, yes GL?

I had to give in. I couldn't resist the image of those itty bitty toes all fancied up with a fresh coat of nail polish.

Now the actual task mind you was a bit of a challenge, but it was worth it.


  1. I painted baby girl's toes once and she LOVED it. very fun to be girly every once and awhile.

  2. I love painted toes, I hate it when mine are unadorned. (especially since sandals are pretty much year-round attire)
    Found you through Erin over at The Adventure. Looking forward to reading more! :)

  3. Cuteness! I so love painted toes, too.

  4. That's so cute. Something I miss out on with two boys.

  5. So sweet! yes, Ms. E LOVES nail polish and getting her toes painted with mom too. Mr. E likes everything his big sis does, so he seeks for painted toes too. I tell him boys don't wear nail polish, so he opts for solar oil instead and we call it "moisturizer." :)

  6. That is really cute. I love the shade of purple...I can't imagine trying to paint those tiny, tiny toes.

  7. this little piggy went 2 the market,,,,,lol


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