The Difference A Day Makes

Weekends always seem to end too soon. How can it already be Sunday night, when it feels like the weekend just started?! I love the difference a day makes. I think three day weekends should become the norm. Even though we had something going on everyday from Friday night to Monday dinner plans, it was just right. It didn't fly by too fast. We were so accomplished with one extra day. To top it off the week goes by faster because we already blew through Monday. 

So many times I can reflect on those little twenty four hours and how different life can be a day later. Take for example Miss GL's cold last week. Sunday was the onset of the runny nose, Monday was the onset of cough after sundown, Tuesday a bit better, Wednesday was fine. Each day the progression of the illness lessened, just the way my racing mind likes it. Thank heavens!

Or even better yet,  a day later when deciding on airplane tickets. My hubby and I have been looking into purchasing tickets to visit family in New York. We were settling in on dates that work best for him to travel, where we wanted to fly into (the city or Albany), looking at ticket prices. Literally overnight our options went from $275 a ticket to $450 for the same tickets to NYC and the flights to Albany went up to $600. So, $1800 to fly to New York, yeah not so appealing. If I am spending $1800 to fly my family, the airplane is going to land in a destination that I don't understand the language or there could possibly be a beautiful beach within a stones throw. Bummer.

Just for a chuckle, you'll get what I am so into these days. One day you have an idea, you pick up some cedar lumber. Within twenty four hours the raised garden bed is built, seeds are busy germinating, and plants have been planted. Delight.

The next time, I am all wrapped up in the moment, unable to look ahead, I just need to stop and remember. Remember the difference a day makes.


  1. I am outraged at airline prices (and just about all the other prices as well). $1800 - sounds even worse when you figure it's about $1/mile (I did read that somewhere?? You're 1800 miles away?)

    I'm a fellow AllMediocre member - just slowly getting everyone added to my reader, and I'm saying 'HI!'

  2. Gas pricing are kicking everyone's butts these days. I don't know how the airlines can even afford to run anymore.

    I love this post. What a difference a day makes. Good to remember. :)

  3. Great words to remember. I'm glad you had a good weekend!

  4. I love this post!

    I'm in the midst of planning our vacation, and it seems as if the price of everything has doubled since we took this same trip!

  5. And that is why we're not going anywhere this summer. Or fall. And maybe not even this winter. Ticked.Off. Chicago isn't much cheaper, and gas to drive to Iowa...heart-attack inducing.
    We can have picnics with the kids, right? ; )

  6. Man gas prices are really bumming me out! Will things ever go down?

  7. You're right. Perspective is everything.

  8. Glad you had a nice weekend. I agree that EVERY weekend should be 3 days long. Let's start some sort of petition.

    and that sucks about the plane tickets. It's ridiculous what's happening in this country...and around the world. Now, when you can find bananas they're going to cost $87.00! :0)

  9. I had to laugh when you wrote, "seeds are busy germinating". All I can envision are little seeds wiggling around in the dirt (like a little kid who can't sit still) still makes me chuckle.


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