I Never New oLOVE Like This Before

Through out my entire childhood, I watched my mother clean the floors on her hands and knees. I don’t think our family ever owned a mop. Oh wait, I do recall we had a dust mop, but not a wet mop. Sometimes she would use a little rubber pad underneath her knees, but for the majority of time, she just went for it. I will not go into the details of her arthritic knee and the correlation between her dedication to cleaning the floors on her knees and the current state of such knee.

I too became a hands and knees floor cleaner. A mop could never compare to such diligence and elbow power. I’ve introduced numerous mops into my house over the years, as I personally don’t see the need to get down on my hands and knees every damn time. Nothing really got the job done, the way I liked it. It was only a make-do situation. Still, I found myself going back to my old fashioned ingrained ways.

But my life may be changed forever. Will there still be a need to reacquaint myself with all the little nuances and dings, extra tough stuck on stains with the special hand and knee detailing? Old habits die hard. Better yet, what old habits are being passed along to my two girls. Do they need the neurosis of hand and knee scrubbing?

Having wood floors in my entire home except for one floor has left me longing for a better solution. For quite sometime now, I’ve been eyeing the Method oMop Wood Floor Kit. It’s $24.99 at Target. Sigh. I waited for a sale, waited for some magic coupon to appear in my inbox, until I could wait no longer. I purchased the Floor Cleaner and the Micro fiber cloth separately, not the kit, totaling $10 bucks. I thought I could get away with out the mop. It was the cheaper alternative to what I really wanted. But, I had to get on my hands and knees with out the mop. Sigh.

I bought the kit. I deserve the kit, I am worth it.

I LOVE the oMop and the entire kit. Yes, that good. You simply squirt the cleaner on the floor and mop it up. Yes, that's right no bucket, no water, no dirty wet rags. It’s an interesting feeling with the micro fiber cloth, not like regular mopping. It takes a bit more arm power, all the better no trip to the gym, I mopped. The cleaner is almond scented, so the floors and your home are not overpowered by some intense chemical smell. Did I mention how much I love almond, so we were a match straight from the start. Does anyone love the smell of vinegar or chemical laden Oil Soaps, not really. I truly never new love like this before.

The folks over at Method really seem to be onto something here. The packaging is no longer plastic, it’s 50% bamboo and 50% recycled paper. The pre-mopping cloths or sweeping cloths are corn based so they easily biodegrade.

A cleaning company after my own heart.

If you have wood floors in your home and have been torn by the cleaning options, RUN to your local Target and give the oMop a shot.

Go, Go, you can thank me later.


  1. One of my college summer jobs was at Merry Maids, and we had to clean the floors on our hands and knees with cloth diapers. No mops allowed. It does make a difference, though. I'll have to try Method--that's awesome about the plastic-free packaging.

  2. that sounds so tempting, although my love affair days with cleaning seem to not exist any longer. i am quite happy for you and your new illicit affair. love, ks

  3. That's so funny, because I was just thinking (today) about how my mother use to go at the floors with a brush and Spic and Span (or Mr. Clean.) Seriously, I remember being 4 years old, watching Sesame Street in the living room, and observing her go to it on her hands and knees. I'm not that much of a soldier. We are 90% wood floors in this old house. I'm going to Target.

  4. i saw that the other day when i was there. we have been using some other italian thing to mop with, i have a love hate relationship with cleaning.

  5. Sadly, I've already blogged with much enthusiasm about this product. That almond smell makes me swoon.


  6. Hmmmm, I will have to check that out. However, we have tile in the kitchen. If you find a great tile product, let me know!

  7. My mom always did that too. I am too lazy. I became addicted to the swiffer when I just had tile but now that I have wood I am in need of something different. I think I will follow your lead...


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