Oprah Set Off The Flashback

A long, long, time ago let's say way back in 2001, before children mind you, my hubby took me on a film shoot with him. It was closing weekend in Telluride, so they offered up lots of perks to get him out there. One of the perks was pampering for me, at the Golden Door Spa as well as lift tickets. But you see, my hubby makes a living solely based on the skiing industry and me, his love of 16 years, doesn't really care too much for skiing or snowboarding. Yes, we are working on this, but honestly I really do enjoy the spas much much more.

One evening, I was invited along to have dinner with "the talent" (a professional skier), his wife, and my hubby. We were eating at Harmon's, it has the classic Colorado restaurant feel, gamey meats, fireplace roaring, dimmed lights, and antlers adorning the chandeliers. The food and conversation were flowing.

When all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, there he was. Tom Cruise.

My initial thoughts were, holy shit, there is Tom Cruise. How crazy is that!!! Tom Cruise.

But I said nothing. You see, I was trying to be a good wife, not a nutty Hollywood fanatic and yell out, HOLY SHIT THERE IS TOM CRUISE. So, I tap my hubby under the table on the leg and let out a whisper. Give the nod. 9 o'clock, Tom Cruise. Calm, cool, and collected.

My mind is still thinking the holy shit, it's Tom Cruise.

Apparently, Tom was having a birthday dinner with some friends and family. This was during his highly publicized split with Nicole Kidman.

He came walking by our table, when the professional skier let out some remark, very loudly. Stood up and introduced himself. I sort of chuckled inside when Tom was stopped rather abruptly at our table, making small talk with a complete stranger. I wonder if movie stars ever get use to that. I smiled and said hello.

And once again thought Holy Shit Tom Cruise!

With this being before the ever popular digital camera era, I did not get a snap shot of the moment. All though my memory very clearly recollects how Tom Cruise looks walking away in a pair of khakis. Tee Hee.

After he was gone, Harmon brought by the remainder of Tom's birthday cake to our table. We continued our conversation, just like nothing happened. And, I proceeded to enjoy a slice of Tom's favorite cake.

So last week, when Oprah ventured to Tom's estate in Telluride, I couldn't help but think, I wish I had the invite for a little snowmobiling on Tom's sled!


  1. I am so lame...cause all I want to know is "was he short?".

  2. Yeah, but that was back when Tom was cool. Now he's a crazed lunatic. I'd be scared to eat his cake. Or drink his Kool-aid!

  3. I loved him in the "show me the money" movie (totally spacing the name), but now he freaks me out a little, too.

  4. That is pretty cool. I am so proud of you for not causing a scene. I hope your husband understands what restraint that took! Was the cake good?

    Your blog has been open on my computer for 26 hours now. I have it open to make my comments and LIFE has just got in the way so I am hoping to read down to the other two posts I have missed, but if my comments don't appear until tomorrow, you know what happened! Craaaaaazy.

  5. I am of the "Holy Shit Tom Cruise" variety. I lived in Los Angeles my whole life and never met a celebrity. I would have been a little star struck.

    A cousin of mine saw Tom and Nicole at a movie theatre years ago and I remember thinking "Holy Shit, you saw Tom Cruise."

  6. Depending on who it is, it is interesting to see a celebrity. I would've been ecstatic to see Tom Cruise during his Top Gun days, but now he doesn't thrill me as much. Now Clive Owen, that's a different story. ;)

  7. How exciting! My little brothers met him once actually, away from cameras, and he was actually a really nice guy. They were in their baseball uniforms, out to lunch with my grandparents after a game. He asked them if they'd just played, and if they'd had fun. Not if they'd won, but if they'd had FUN! Not always the biggest fan of the guy, but I softened a little when I heard that he had been nice to my little brothers.

  8. No way. That is cool.


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