Some LOVE For My Peeps

Contest has closed!!!

Remember that Bloggy Give@way last week? The one where your jaw dropped because over 100 folks left a comment. Around this little blog. My friends keep on mentioning it, trust me I found it just as interesting. It was a bit bizarre.

If I had an addictive personality, I would consider diving into the Blog Give@way genre, head first. I can honestly say, I was curious to find out what it was like, to have a ton of traffic. Things are pretty mellow around here at EatPlayLove. It was a rush!

I now equate that little whirlwind experience to a naughty affair with an amazing musician or a shopping spree with an American Express Black Card. Yeah, that good.

But now that I am back into the swing of my little blog that could, I really want to share some love with my peeps! YES, YOU!

There is no website linking random folks here for a give@way. It's just you happening by like you normally do. Or like you sometimes do. Whenever you take a moment to leave a comment, it always makes me smile, so it's my turn to pay back the love.

This is what I am offering up:
A Body Shop Olive Body Scrub, just in time for bare leg and bathing suit season. You'll smell sexy, and not like a doll from the 80's:

A couple locally produced Chocolove Bars, from Boulder, Colorado, Yummy:

If you haven't found a reason to comment yet or the courage to, but you stop by regularly, now's your chance! I know what it's like, I read lots of blogs, but only comment on a dozen or so. Sometimes, I just don't know what to say. But I am going to make that part super easy!

If you don't have a Blogger account with an active email linked in, and I don't already bug you on a daily basis, please leave a email in your comment. You don't need a Blogger account to comment, just use anonymous and sign it with your name!

Here's the catch, you need to comment on SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU SMILE?

I am going to draw one name Saturday morning. Open to all readers. Good Luck!


  1. I love your blog! I check in regularly :)
    Hmm...what makes me smile? Aside from my daughter, my husband and all the other great blessing in my life? How about taking a chance on a 99 cent lip gloss, trying it on and absolutly loving it! I LOVE when that happens.

  2. The big, wide open, toothless grin that Zach gives me every morning when I go to fetch him from his crib. It's contagious and IMPOSSIBLE to not smile in return. No matter how crabby and sleep deprived I am.

  3. I just found your blog and I'm lovin it! Finding blogs that have a giveaway makes me smile!

  4. I am new to leaving comments on blogs. I love your blog and I don't know why I never used to leave comments before.

    The things that makes me smile:
    1. someone else smiling at me
    2. comments on my blog
    3. getting a thrifty deal on anything

    and drumroll please... beating my mr. know it all husband at the gameboard "Clue" ...priceless.

  5. My sweet little baby boy makes me smile every day, many times a day :-)

  6. I enjoy checking in at your blog. I have you saved in my favorites. Something that makes me smile is watching my husband play with the kids (particularly when he doesn't know I'm watching.) He is SO patient and fun loving that it's impossible not to smile.

  7. I am with techie mom, comments on my blog makes me smile and of course my great mom friends they make me smile lots...see :)

  8. What makes me smile? My three year old playing with a whoopee cushion. There's just something about boys and fart sounds, I just don't get it. LOL!

  9. What makes me smile? Reading to see what you guys are up to (blame Kathleen for getting me started!), my three boys rolling around giggling and going running on both sunny and rainy days - you can't beat the adrenaline rush.
    I guess I don't count for the giveaway as I'm too far away on the other side of the Atlantic, but it's worth a try!
    a.i.mackintosh at

  10. Life in general makes me smile. :) And playing scrabble with you ;)

  11. what makes me smile - chocolate (you may be noticing a theme). My family; booking a holiday; the sun;

  12. From the black lab makes me smile, along with a hot chai from starbucks and playing soccer with friends who just plain love the sport.

  13. I enjoy your blog greatly, but am one of those who don't comment often. My two kids always make me smile. Today I overheard my daughter telling my son "I am a girl, which is the opposite of a boy. We usually know more stuff. You should listen to me." Of course, I told her that boys and girls can be equally intelligent, but I still thought it was quite funny. She definitely takes advantage of being the oldest. :)

  14. Well, chocolate, for starters! Getting the shopping done AND the groceries put away before it's time to pick up my daughter from school. Um, successfully dodging the chair of the book fair committee when I do pick-up my daughter from school. You know, the usual!

  15. Okay, the first 5 things that enteredy my head I can't even share ... ha ha

  16. The thing that makes me smile is hearing my two little girls playing together, giggling over something silly. They are truely my little sunshines. :)

    I love your blog! I check it almost every day. :)


  17. when i asked my 3 year old who was her best friend and she said her sister Summer.

  18. when my brother introduces himself as "Tonto Goldstein, but my friends call me Bubba."