Take Back The Ground

Let me apologize, as for some reason with the change of weather has come a change of blog talk. It seems as if I could start some gardening blog, maybe I should call my blog Eat Play Love Dig or Eat Play Love Weed or Eat Play Love GrowaGarden. Ha.

You see, I am a little eye lid heavy and very sleepy right now. I should be in bed, sprawled out, snoozing away. We've been busy little bees around here. No, no photos. I want the before and after and my after isn't quite where I want it to be at this moment. I suppose the walkway inspired me to re-connect with the earth, the weeds, the backyard I have so casually turned my back on. It grew out of neglect, sometimes rampant with weeds that I paid dearly for the last two days.

While re-connecting with my space, I simply used old fashioned means to remedy my yard. I used hoe, a pitchfork, a shovel, wheel barrow, and my hands to take back the ground from the weeds. I didn't run out and buy chemicals as a quick fix. I loathe chemicals, I fear chemicals in my body and around my family (I googled Round-Up, I don't recommend it). I put my hands on every little green growth with bark like stems sprawling in a maze like system through out the ground. All interconnected.

All dug up.

My thighs and gluts (gluteus maximus) ache from bending over and you know what, it feels good. It feels like I am doing good, for my body, for my idle racing mind, and for my family.

The raised garden bed was born and currently contains some seeds and some transplants. The plantings will be finished tomorrow. I can admit to paying a hefty buck for all of my yard tangents, for my garden. I know stopping by the farmer's market would have proved much more thrifty.

But now my girls have the experience of putting their hands in soil, having it collect beneath their nails. Poking their chunky little fingers into the organic matter and placing one little itty-bitty seed into the hole, brushing the soil over the opening, and whispering a little good luck "see you soon". Soon, a little sprout will grace us and in a month or two the fruits of our labor and love will nourish us.

No matter what vegetables or flowers come from my little patch, I know my soul and body has already been nourished.

Photos will follow...


  1. I take the no chemicals approach, as well. The extra work is definitely worth it.

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. -Just went through this myself. Good luck with yours. We have tiny lettuces and collard greens poking through so far(!!).

  3. I always thought your yard would make an awesome garden. GOOD FOR YOU!!! It's so therapeutic and GREAT exercise :)

  4. There's nothing like the feeling of dirt under your nails and a hoe in your hands.

  5. yeah we look forward to seeing what grows. we currently have a million lettuce, several carrots and 2 courgettes!

  6. Unfortunately, my yard is pebbles -well that might be good and bad. I have a few places that I have been able to plant flower beds and my daughter is loving it!

  7. We don't use chemicals either - it's more work, but certainly worth it! Can't wait for the photos!

  8. I love that good sore feeling. Sounds perfectly lovely. Seems like everyone is gardening lately in the blogosphere, makes me wish I had a garden...but sadly my apartment doesn't have one. One day though, one day.

  9. I love gardening, too. I think weeding is so therpeutic.

  10. I do no chemicals and some chemicals. I have weeds that take hostages. This should be the last year for those, now that the school is built and is no longer a weed factory field. I love working in the yard. :)

  11. I like the Eat Play Love Dig...

    I am so glad that the raised garden worked out well despite your tired aching body.


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