This Kinda Week

Hubby is away,
oh it's trash day as the truck,
rumbles down my street!

Sometimes I miss those
that no longer invite me
into daily life.

Sigh, Colorado.
Sunny 80 on Wednesday,

Meltdown, tantrums, wow!
Let it all out, set it free,
mommy will hug you.

Monkey all day long.
Constant climbing, being W I L D,
can you play nice please?

It's so nice to reflect on the week in a new way. You Haiku?
More info here.


  1. the weather pendulum in colorado swings so wildly!!

  2. Great haiku and I LOVE your header pic!

  3. wow what a great header! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You're welcome into my daily life anytime!

  5. Great haiku--I love the garbage truck image.

  6. I had that kinda week too. Maybe its the weather?


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