Tiled Oasis

The art of adjusting the shower with our new "tankless" water heater has been a work in progress. After five months, I believe I have honed in on my comfort zone. Something wonderful to understand with a tankless water heater is that the hot water supply is endless (unless you are trying to be green) and it is not affected by flushing toilets , dishwashers rumbling, or a load of laundry. Pure Bliss, until my reality creeps into the zone.

The reality is, I never knew my love of showering until I gave birth to Sj. The shower was the only escape for my postpartum fog that would not allow me to venture off anywhere, not even to the market alone. Well, I did go to Target once when she was a newborn, I was there and back with the little hand mitts in 7 minutes, roundtrip.

Yes, that neurotic. Trust me, not so neurotic the second time around, not even close.

Truthfully, the shower became my little oasis. A place I could slip into, feel refreshed, maybe cry for ten minutes, sing, laugh, but most importantly where I could be alone. I never quite appreciated showering in such away, until I became a mother.

Now fast forward to life with two girls, I still relish the shower. I always feel a bit bummed out when I have a quickie business shower. Or when I am mid body scrub and I hear someone calling my name, asking where something is. Or when my hubby stops by for a little peek, an eye brow raise, and an attempt at an inviting response. Unfortunately those reciprocating responses don't occur too often.

There aren't many things I can say are mine, all mine. Ten minutes in the shower, all by my lonesome, I am keeping coveted like a prized possession.


  1. I love the bath but you can hear everything going on while in that, the shower is brilliant for just zoning out in. mmmmm....

  2. The shower is my sacred sanctuary! You said it perfectly. "All mine!"

  3. Anything that you can call your own is very prized!

  4. OMG YES!!! I'm more about the "bath" but either way...Mine all mine!

  5. We just took our tankless out. It was not working so great for us but glad to hear it works for you. I know what you mean, showers are such an oasis.


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