a Trip To The Market- Thursday*13

ONE day while perusing the empty kitchen cabinets, I realized we needed more than a few things from the store. Out of nowhere, the cabinets were bare. How does it always work that way, in the morning they are fine, but by dinner time empty. So I loaded up the TWO girls and made my way to the market.

THREE tomatoes on the vine, placed gently in Sj's kid sized shopping cart. Beware other shoppers, a FOUR year old is in full control here! I contemplate if it's a bonus or a hindrance that this particular market has kid sized shopping carts. FIVE freezer items; edamame, mini blueberry waffles, flax and fig waffles, peas, and a broccoli-cheese pocket. Hey Sj, pick out a SIX packet of yogurt, which ever flavor you like. SEVEN more items on my list. And of course, to top it off there must have been no less than EIGHT distractions trying to get to the check out.

I count NINE employees, as I stand in a long line impatiently waiting for my turn with one of the two cashiers actually doing their job. Oh no, how did it get to be TEN after four? We must rush home to get dinner made. Each girl consumes at least ELEVEN cheese puffs during the car ride home. Sj asks about TWELVE times, "are we there yet?". Finally a frazzled mom breathes a sigh of relief, THIRTEEN minutes later as we pull into the driveway.

ONE THOUSAND times I thought to myself, is your dad on his way home yet?

*** This story has been edited to not complain about the worst service I received at this grocery store.


  1. LOVE this! I've not seen a TT done in this style before - it was a great read - that any mom can relate to! Thanks for sharing! Check out my TT:

  2. Fabulous! I love they way you did this! Fun!

  3. So cute. Very clever. Look at you all creative. Nice work!

  4. Kind of like the Where's Waldo of 13.

  5. very cute. kids shopping is always a treat!

  6. A cute story to us readers, but I can understand the count down to help from daddy!

  7. Well done! That was fun to read. I hate taking my kids shopping, so I feel your pain.

  8. This was a great way to do a TT! I may copy it. Thanks for a fun read.

    Happy TT!

  9. Fantastically fun, I need to steal this technique for creative writing class!

    (And btw - DON'T let my crummy teaching days deter you! Go for the literacy degree! The awesome stuff always far outweighs the blech; it's just not as funny for blogging...)


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