and then IT happened...

Few laps around the field, straight into squats. Feel the burn. Then some lunges with side squats in both directions around the circle in the center of the field. Boot camp was once again a mix up of the typical in new and unusual ways. Sprints, jumping jacks, crunches, scissors, plank.

Our trainer, is very happy go lucky, but not too over the top. I would even call her mild mannered. She balances us with just the right amount of pushing. There are the occasional whistles, but only for drills. She never screams at anyone, or puts people down. She is definitely not a boot camp drill Sargent type. I was beginning to think I liked her, a lot. I even contemplated seeing if she would work me out in the gym, so I could get a routine going on the weight machines.

About 45 minutes into our hour long session, our trainer called us over for some hills. Basically we partner up with someone, while one person is running up and down the hill, the partner is doing core strengthening exercises on the sideline, we switch when the hill climber returns to the field.

Today we were asked to do push ups on the side line while our partner did the hill. Push ups are a big part of boot camp and I literally ached in my chest and shoulders for days after my first week. The ache is still there, but not as intense.

While I was dropping and giving push ups my best shot...


IT caught me off guard and threw me for a loop straight out of left field and hell maybe into Kansas.

Our trainer, my mild mannered trainer, made fun of me and my push up technique. And even went so far as to jump down next to me, show me what I was doing, just enough to grab other's attention, and make me feel about a half inch tall. Or smaller. Yeah, put your thumb and first finger together so a piece of paper could barely fit in there and that's about how big I felt.

Now may I remind you, boot camp for me is not about my ego. I fall right about in the middle of class, on a fitness level. I know damn well, I have a long way to go, to feel strong, stable, and accomplished.

I always knew push ups were a weakness of mine. I do the bent knee variety. My upper body is about half as strong as my legs, it's just my body type. I'm all legs, strong legs may I add.

During my lovely, called out, making fun of my push ups experience, I mentioned to the trainer that push ups are a weakness of mine and I have no idea what I am doing. A cry for help. But she didn't bother to take a moment and help me or guide me through my obviously flawed technique.

As my partner returned on the field, way later than I needed her, I jumped up. Ego bruised. Maybe even fighting back a pout in my lip. I tried to brush off what happened, but it just left me feeling hurt. Feeling like, I should just show her and walk off the field. But I didn't, I stayed. I participated as strongly as I could for the last 15 minutes. With much less zest than I would've had, if I wasn't oh, I don't know, kicked while I was down.

Thursday should be interesting.

Wouldn't you know, I clicked on MizFitOnline (who just commented a day ago on my blog) and she had a post about push ups. So, this my friends would be an example of what I aspire to do (thank you, Carla!), the universe is just amazing sometimes:


  1. I thought you were going to say you pooted. glad to hear you stuck it out...I would have felt the same way. good luck on thurs!

  2. Perhaps she singled you out because you are one of the strongest ones in the camp. I know you said you are about the middle, but maybe she doesn't see you that way. Usually when an instructor (teacher, etc) singles someone out that way it is to push them to do better because they know they can.
    And maybe she was getting some negative feedback that she wasn't being tough enough. It is supposed to be boot camp. Maybe she figured she should be throwing some of that toughness in there. ???
    Try not to take it too personally. Just go back there again and stuff it in her face by doing your best. :)

  3. ok
    I am not commenting right now. just saying hey (waves madly).
    I cant think of a SINGLE POSITIVE REASON to, well, SINGLE someone out like that.

    as they say in Steel Magnolias:

    If you dont have anything nice to say....come and sit by me.



  4. I thought that you were going to say you pooted, too!

  5. That doesn't sound nice. :(

    Ok, I must get to the gym TODAY.

  6. That wasn't very nice of her! Don't worry, you'll get it, I'm sure you will. Be proud of me...I'm going to join Curves today with the intention of getting there in the mornings before work.

  7. Try not to take it too personal. Perhaps that was her way of showing you not to hurt yourself, because if you do them wrong, there are definite pains later in places you don't want. Push ups are challenging, but the more you do them; the stronger you will get and your arms will look great. I started off my push ups the "girl" way :), now that I've been working on them since Oct. I can do 18 "manly" push ups. Don't give up!!!

  8. I, too, thought you were going somewhere else with this story... But I'm sorry you were called out for your push-ups :(

    As for the push-ups - the more you do, the better you'll get! GOOD LUCK!!!

  9. Eek. Yuck. You should have shown her just how strong your upper body is! :0)

  10. I would have felt 1/2" tall too! Whenever someone does something thoughtless like that, I think they must be in a bad place - trying to bring others down. You are amazing for sticking in there till the end - shows your character.

    For what it's worth, I have kind of a sway back and my butt sticks up during push ups - have always been totally self conscious doing them.

  11. Screw that trainer...You are a tough cookie! I am proud of you for getting out there and doing it...Don't you dare give her the satisfaction of walking off the field, stick it out...You'll be happy you did.

    Oh, that trainer just makes me so mad:P

  12. I agree - screw the trainer. I can't believe the kind of workout you're accomplishing. That's more exercise than I've done in one month, crammed into one hour.

    I've got the same body type: no arms, legs built to push a plow. So that trainer should be forewarned that despite your pushups, you could kickbox her to a pulp.

  13. :( I totally want to work out. I'm jealous. And screw your trainer. I'd kick her in the shin.

  14. Good for you for sticking it out. You are strong!
    I totally suck at push ups...

  15. Well. That's mean!
    I'm thinking of doing the hundred pushup challenge. Sigh...that oughta be interesting...

  16. checking back in on you.

    thinking about if youd wanna do a guest post for the Bumbling Band over at MizFit!

    about your pushup'xperiences.


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