Cursed Dots Template

To all my Blogger friends, (all others you can SKIP THIS POST)
I am starting to believe someone has put the jinx on the Dots Template. The other day, I noticed that my line spacing had changed. Typically if I post in Compose and hit return, it creates a (<*div*>) with corresponding ending ones. When I take those out in the Edit Html the spacing would return to normal.

But my entire archive had been converted to single spacing and I couldn't figure out why. Well, apparently Blogger was playing around with things. Now the problem was solved through Blogger on June 6, but only if your template was original. I've edited my template in the past to change the header. The Dots typical header is very small and sits off to the side. I like the large, across the top header. So the fix, did not fix my template.

After many heart palpitations, I have finally restored my blog to the original look, with proper spacing. Boy did things really look bleak at one point, I thought I was going to completely lose the look of my blog Forever! It's a really easy fix, but you have to be willing to play with your template code. Although I have noticed the width of my posts has increased, but for now I am ok with it.

If you have issues with line spacing aka line condensing with the Dots Template and need a quick fix, check out this link. Go for it, switching up code is nerve racking excitement. Even joyous when it works out.


  1. What a hassle!

    Did you see Playgroupie's most recent post about losing her entire blog last night?

    Something's in the air.

  2. Blogger has been acting totally goofy the last few days!

  3. I had something funky last week with my text too, but nothing like that. Hope you have no more problems

  4. Ugh, how annoying! It was doing something weird with my spacing a few weeks back, but I finally got it worked out (somehow) Glad you were able to fix it.

  5. isn't it crazy how code just decides to CHANGE?


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