Her Very Own Goo's

There's nothing more magical then watching my 18 month old daughter's personality blossom everyday. At this age, it seems to be leaps and bounds from one moment to the next. GL's at an age where she already knows what she wants to wear and has a serious obsession with shoes.

Typically she loves to trot around wearing Sj's shoes, anything from flip flops to her Crocs. So, on a whim, I decided to pull out Sj's first pair of Crocs, which I knew would be big on her, but a bit easier for her to handle. Of course she got the hang of them right away (they are about 2-3 sizes too big).

She'll even tell you, in her own special way "Goo's" and "Crocs" and she always wants her shoes on inside.

With GL being the second child and more importantly our second daughter, she has the luxury of wearing all of her sister's hand me downs. Now trust me seconds from Sj are wonderful and plentiful. She is even wearing hand me down sandals this summer.

On a whim, while at the mall the other night, I broke down and bought GL her very own pair of Crocs. Brand new Crocs. They make the sizes much smaller now than when they first introduced the toddler sizes on the market.

She really wanted the Wall-e ones, but come on, she's 18 months, I am not starting the Disney mass marketing machine already. So hot pink it was.

GL loved her new shoes so much, that she freaked out when we tried to take them off of her for bed. So, here she is, asleep in her very own brand spanking new, Fuchsia Crocs!


  1. They are beautiful!

    I want to get a pair for my kids....what store is selling these now days?

    Things are so hard to find in Northern Utah, I end up ordering stuff on the internet.

  2. I love it. And I love the little boo boo on her knee. We are in a perpetual state of boo boos around here. My daughter likes to wear her ballet slippers everywhere. Including in bed.

  3. I didn't get into Croc's until last summer, but now I think they're great--so easy to get on and off.

    I like buying new stuff once and a while for James, too. :)

  4. Miss Peach is exactly the same way...it took me days to get the Crocs off her. Man did her feet stink! The fuchsia are way cute:)

  5. You are so right.... there is nothing better than witnessing a little personality blossom.

    So sweet!

  6. That is so super cute.

  7. what is it with kids and shoes?

    LOVE the photo.

  8. Wall-E Crocs? Oh man, don't tell the boys! Sigh...
    How cute!

  9. Too cute, and super stylish!


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