Pain and Not A Gift In Sight, Thursday 13

unfortunately I lost my first two when I was playing around with font, line spacing, and template today..Luckily my blog is resembling it's normal self, so I will take 2 things from a Thursday 13 post as a gift to the Blogging angel that just sat on my shoulder for the last hour.

I believe they were related to boot camp and much to do about 615 am boot camp class in the rain. You fill in the blanks.

I wish I never looked on Craigslist for a cute tandem. Someone else got it. It would have been the ultimate perfect gift. Ultimate. GRRRRR....

I have many ideas, but nothing for a gift for my hubby.

Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary.

I want to get tattoos, not necessarily matchy-matchy tattoos. Isn't that a great anniversary gift?

Shopping with 2 kids in the rain sucks.

Not buying anything after spending hours shopping in the rain with 2 kids super duper sucks.

Seriously, what is the equivalent of a beautiful piece of jewelry for a man? Men have it sooo easy in the gift giving department. Sigh, groan, cry!

How can it be ten years since we tied the knot?

I wish I had tickets to Europe in a few weeks, like I did ten years ago
Did I mention it hurts to walk up stairs, bonus of boot camp.

Even though I like to moan, pain is good. Hopefully I'll see results in a few weeks. Any gift advice that I can produce in a mere day, would be much appreciated. 


  1. Hey, my 10 year anniversary is next Friday. Congratulations to you.

    As for #9, I could answer this, but you seem to be running a pretty clean blog, so I will refrain.

  2. I love the tattoos idea! Do it!
    Happy Anniversary!
    And congrats on getting through your first day of boot camp!

  3. Happy anniversary; sorry it's causing you grief on top of the pain...

    I second (third?) the tattoo idea - very cool & original.

    Massage certificates never fail to please around here, also.

    Have fun :)

  4. too bad on the tandem. go for the tattoos!

  5. Best Buy. Just take him there and tell him, "whatever you want." My husband would probably take me right then and there. ;)
    And if he's not up for a tat, I'll go with you. I've wanted one for years and have just never gone.

  6. Happy Aniversary! The tattoo idea is great!

  7. Hang in there! You'll look back on boot camp and be so glad you did it!

    As for gifts, kinda cheesy but how about a homemade certificate for something like "free time" or a "back rub"? Or you could always frame a pic of the two of you being silly - or create a little mini album of your silliest pictures...Just my random thoughts.

  8. I'm behind in my reader, and I fear I'm too late to make a gift suggestion...though I don't have any really good ones at the moment anyways. Happy belated anniversary though, and congrats on 10 years! I hope you decided on a fantastic gift. :)

  9. Yes, Jewelry makes a perfect gift. I too had gifted a gold pendant from Max Chloe to my mom on mother's day.


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