Kitchen Appliances You Absolutely Love?

As a follow up to my Kenmore (P.O.S.- 5 year old faulty oven starting on fire) we need to buy a new oven. We actually have the option to run a gas line and just replace it with a gas range. But we will probably go for a new dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven. My other appliances are older and I know I will have new appliance envy once my new oven goes in and I am loading the old dishwasher, or opening the not-sealing-very well old Kenmore refrigerator.

With the internet world at my disposal, I am checking customer service quality issues before I buy this time.

My question is, do you have appliances (stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator) that you have purchased recently that you LOVE?

Please share the love...


  1. I'm not loyal to any particular brand, but I do love my new flat top ceramic stove/oven. It's the first time I have ever owned one and clean up is a piece of cake.

  2. I LOVE my stove. It's a GE Electric Convection Range with warming drawer.

    The warming drawer really comes in handy when we are grilling because we can put food in it and not worry about it getting cold if something else (e.g. chicken) is taking a longer time.

    I use the convection/multi-bake setting about 40% of the time (more during the holidays)

    Plus the stove has an added bonus for you: a hidden heating element.

  3. appliances are too new to consider replacing them, but I'm really starting to want a fridge with the freezer on the bottom. I'm too dang tall to keep bending over and digging around for stuff. And then the boys use it for a/c; J once had it open for so long the lightbulb melted a red plastic bag that was against it. Sigh...go for upper fridge.
    Oh, and a super silent dishwasher.

  4. I got nothing...Our kitchen was done right before we bought our place. It all works, but I don't know anything about it...The fridge is a Sub Zero, it works:)

  5. my one bit of advice would be shop around we have bought great things at costco home depot and sears. A good one to look out for is Bestbuy as if you have a rewards card you get vouchers back a few months later and that would workout around mmm birthday/christmas time!

  6. my boring old MAKES MY PROTEIN SHAKES blender :)


  7. I don't have any favorites, but a friend recently shared this article on reader, and I thought this stove top was super cool.
    I have no idea how practical this is for you, but it's a neat read anyways. I hope you find the appliances you want! :)

  8. electrolux,a european brand. simply amazing. we have an electric oven with convection cooking. and then a seperate gas cook top. the best ever!
    check them out.


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