Orangutans Adore Blue Eyed Girls

Waking up and staying up at 5:15am to head out a bit before 6 am for bootcamp class, went better than I anticipated. I had those first class jitters and just couldn't sleep in. Let's just wait a couple of weeks and see how it easy it is to get out of bed then. For those of you inquiring minds, the class was energizing. Which means tomorrow I will be hurting. We did very basic things, but in new and exhausting ways, such as squats, jumping jacks, running up hills, sprints, side-steppy things, all of it. No bells or whistles (well the trainer had a whistle), just our bodies working us out. I actually didn't feel so out of shape, which leads me to believe the trainer was breaking us in, being gentle to us newbies.

Later this morning, I met up with a friend at the Denver Zoo. We walked the usual route, saw all of our furry, scaly, and feathered friends, then we had a very cute experience in the Primate Panorama. Unfortunately, it did not dawn on me to video this little moment, so instead I just took a couple of crappy photos. Oh well, next time.

As to be expected my four and a half year old darling daughter, Sj fell in love with every animal we encountered. "Mom, mom, did you hear that (insert random animal here) call to me, saying hello. Oooh..I just love (insert random animal here)." Yep, that's what it was like the entire three and a half hours. Animals and Love! Then of course GL had to pipe in with her love for, " MON-KEEES". Very sweet, I couldn't wait for her to see a real monkey for the first time.

When we were checking out the Orangutans at the Primate Panorama, we saw an older fella, hanging back outside, sort of lounging around. When he caught a glimpse of us, fellow primates, he headed over to give a closer inspection. Turns out this Orangutan had a thing for my Sj. He put his face right up to the window and gave it a kiss. She melted, we melted. It was beautiful. Then of course I felt very sad that this incredible relative of ours is in a zoo.

The moment of exchange, Orangutans apparently adore blue eyed girls.

Here is a moment or two later, after the kiss! I love how Sj was mirror imaging the Orangutan's moves. Arms up everyone!

What a splendid day. I am assuming my eyes will be shut by 7:30 tonight. I love a good night's sleep.

Orangutan Outreach Information, Here !


  1. Hey looks like you guys had a great time, what agreat encounter for Sj. The big Orangutang is usally sleeping when we go!

  2. Girl, I'm waking up at 5:30 tom. morning for my speed training session (running)...I'm nervous, and going to bed!
    Way to show up:)

  3. That is so way cool! (Here from AllMediocre btw)

    It's totally the little moments like this that you want to repeat over and over again that make every anti-moment worthwhile.

  4. That is priceless. What a great memory :) I'll bet that she will remember that for a long, long time.

  5. Hi-- I came across your blog and thought you might like to visit the Orangutan Outreach website: http://redapes.org

    Our mission is to protect wild orangutans from extinction. Maybe you've seen our show on Animal Planet: 'Orangutan Island'? It's filmed at Nyaru Menteng, an orangutan rehabilitation center operated by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

    We're always glad to see someone connecting with orangutans! :-)

    Take care, Rich

    Richard Zimmerman
    Director, Orangutan Outreach
    Reach out and save the orangutans!

  6. katy (aka funny girl)June 4, 2008 at 12:41 PM

    I bet it's gorgeous in Denver right now!! (Not 96 degrees like it is where I live!) Your girls are darling. And I love that the orangutan guy contacted you. :-)

  7. You got your workout yesterday--bootcamp plus 3 plus hours at the zoo! That's so cool the Orangutan connected with Sj.

  8. That's AWESOME! My sister and I have great memories of being little at the San Diego Zoo and having similar experiences with the Gorillas & Polar Bears. So fun. Hopefully we'll have a similar experience when we venture to San Diego in a few weeks!

    And that picture of your girls. Too adorable. We really need to get our kids together. They can be the smart, hip, cool older women to my handsome, charming younger men. Awesome, right?

  9. Awww, too cute!!! What precious pictures! Sounds like the boot camp thing is going well. I hope you're not too sore!

  10. When I was there with J several weeks ago, the male silverback gorilla came up and stared him full in the face. Did I have my camera handy? Nooooo...what kind of scrapbooker would actually have her freaking camera handy at the freaking zoo? LOL! But it was amazing to watch.


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