Please Don't Crash Into My House

Over the past few years, we noticed the health of a Cottonwood in our front yard deteriorating. First, some of the limbs lost it's leaves and didn't grow back the next season. Then bark would just appear in large chunks after big storms. Soon enough the base of the tree was shrinking back, it was visibly noticeable how the bark was eroding away from the bottom of the tree.

We had tree guys come out and yes, confirmed the tree was diseased. On top of it, the disease could be passed along to other trees, more notably the ginormous cotton blowing healthy female in our backyard. Which even though is a thorn in our side, we do not want to cut down. In passing conversation, when my neighbor saw me having estimates about removing this particular tree, he said he wanted to cut it down. Finally, we moved forward with cutting down the Cottonwood.

We had no idea at the time, but the removal of the Cottonwood turned into a true neighborly affair. We are friendly with our neighbors, the houses next to us and the three across the street. With some it's just a friendly wave, with others it's playdates for Sj, and others it's family parties celebrating baby showers or graduations. I've said before to my husband, we are just screwed when we move, for you don't get wonderful neighbors twice in a row. So the next time around, we should have some doosies!

From about 11 am to 8pm, we watched the tree come down. There were heart racing, heart pounding, stomach churning moments, when some limbs looked as if they weren't going to take their destined course. A few times there were flying hammers, unexpected limbs cracking before anticipated, and stuck chainsaws.

In the end, about 12 of us held onto two ropes, as the final portion of the tree came down. Two neighbors from up the street came running, when the Cottonwood gave us one final heart stopping moment, it swayed towards our house. Finally we pulled it towards us, running out of the way, as it exploded into the ground, away from our house.
One large piece remains, with it being removed today. I am happy to report all of the wood was given away to a family in my neighborhood with eight children, that heat their home by fireplace all winter long. All the branches with leaves went on to our community limb recycling center, where it will be turned into mulch and given away.

Thank you to whatever tree angels were sitting on the shoulders of everyone that helped on Saturday, we certainly needed you!


  1. i am glad it went so well, i am sure the house looks so different now. We are going to have to tackle the same thing ourselves soon, so any tips would be greatfully received.

  2. We have a few trees around our house that need to come down too...not fun when you are worrying about a tree crashing onto your house!
    Glad your tree is down!

  3. Those are some great neighbors. How cool is that?

  4. Isn't it sad though? I hate chopping down trees. We had to do the same thing in our backyard with two trees. We may have to add a third to the list. :(

  5. I'm so glad everything went smoothly. It's so nice to have neighbors that are supportive and helpful. Even though it's a challenge, I did love sitting in the shade of your Cottonwood out back.

  6. Wonderful neighbors!
    And cutting down a tree here...I could use my garden shears. LOL!

  7. see that's why i live in the suburbs. :)

    glad it all worked out!

  8. I'm always sad to see a tree go. But when it's's time. I'm glad your house was spared :)

  9. We had the same issue -- a row of huge pines flanked our old house, one of them was hit by lightning and JUST MISSED our house as it toppled over.

    Love those angels . . .

  10. Sounds like you have some wonderful neighbors. I'm so glad that giant didn't come crashing into your house!


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