Thursday Thirteen Mental Snippets

Today I am not focused, but tired. Today, I have plenty snippets floating around in my head, so here they are:

1. I successfully completed 8 boot camp sessions. Hip Hip Hooray!

2. My trainer apologized to me last week on Thursday for her comments on Tuesday. I sensed she was having some guilt.

3. I guess we aren't the only family wanting to go camping in Colorado every weekend. Our choice spots are full every weekend through Labor Day.

4. Seems as if many people are having issues with their dogs or children swallowing plum pits, as google is sending them my way. They'll be fine, trust me. Not sure if I would care if my dog swallowed a plum pit, but those dog guardians are getting some relief from this post.

5. On a related note, if your child ingests cotton from your monster Cottonwood Tree, it will reappear in their diaper! Surprise!

6. For some odd reason, I am playing the "how long can you go" game, trying to avoid grocery shopping. We are getting desperately close to a big shopping trip.

7. Lucky for us today is Vege delivery day.

8. Apparently my genetics are for breeding supermodels, as my 18 month old is 90th % in height and 10th % in weight. Aye, Aye, Aye.

9. If you don't have any pasta sauce left in the freezer from the batch you made a few weeks ago, you can whip up Bechamel Sauce in a pinch, even with limited ingredients around (see #6). It's super fast, easy, and my definite go to lately.

10. I simply adore the time I spend in my garden, watching the plants grow, picking out Cottonwood pods, morning and evening. Amazing.

11. I took advil BEFORE BootCamp this morning, we had a new trainer this week. A real tough cookie, may I add.

12. Officially I have registered for my first Master's Class this fall. Eek!

13. Is it time for a pedicure if 7 of my toenails are 25% chipped off and the other 3 are completely bare?


  1. Congrats on your boot camp success! It was so fun to read your snippets list. I've been tired lately too- Here's to a relaxing, peace filled weekend!

  2. Way to go! I'm thinking it's time for a pedicure...

  3. Way to go re: boot camp! I'm impressed (and very much in need of the same).

    I'm playing the How Long Can We Go game, too. There's some freezer archaeology going on at our house.

    Yeah, time for a pedicure. Mine looked like that last week.

  4. So glad your boot camp trainer apologized. Much better. :)

    Your toes sound like mine.

  5. I'm glad your boot camp trainer apoligized too. I'm also glad you're enjoying your garden. That is always refreshing to watch new plants thrive.

  6. Congrats on registering for your class and boot camp. Interesting that the trainer apologized...

  7. Cotton in the diaper? Ewww...poor G!
    Yay for the masters! I couldn't do it.
    And, yes it's time for a pedi. I'm in the same boat. There's a new nails place by my house here that a friend recommended; if you wanna meet up, just let me know. I'm so there. ;)

  8. Glad to hear the trainer apologized...she was way out of line!

  9. After boot camp, treat yourself to a pedicure.

  10. Congrats on the boot camp, just the word makes the class sound super hard. I agree, pedicure after boot camp!

  11. Clearly the clerks in your grocery store are not as hot as mine...But nice job with the Bechamel sauce.

    And you rock with the boot camp stuff. I feel like crying just reading about your experiences.

  12. 12.


    whatcha taking?


  13. Yay for all those boot camp trainings...and an even bigger yay for your trainer apologizing. And I think you deserve a new pedicure. ;)


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