Brainard Lake Rocky Mountain Majesty

*Please click on photo for a better view!

Less than an hour drive from my home is an incredible Mountain getaway. For $16 bucks a night, we had this view about 30 seconds from our campsite. The photo features Brainard Lake and with the help of some software I stitched together about eight photos to create this panorama.

We had a wonderful time and honestly I can't wait to return. The weather was a bit chilly at 10,300 feet the first night, but the second night wasn't so bad. There was still snow at our campsite, so it made for a wonderful distraction for the girls.

Snow in July, wearing shorts. You just have to love Colorado. Details to follow.


  1. Campsite as in "pitch tent here," or campsite as in "cabin with hot and cold running water?" Because that makes all the difference for me. LOL!
    And I love the new header with spring socks! : )

  2. That photo makes me want to visit Colorado!

  3. Glad you had a great time, can't wait to see more pics.

  4. Sounds like heaven to me...When can I strap on the skis!!!

  5. man that sounds like PERFECTION.

    snow in july wearing shorts.


  6. Lets all go next time, except I have the not so easy going variety of children. I do think the outdoors helps in that department though. Love, Keri

  7. What a beautiful view! PS, I love the new header photo!

  8. i cant believe sj is so tall shes gonna ne like 6-4


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