Thursday 13: Mile High Music Festival Observations

1. Going to see live music when you are not totally obsessed with the musicians is a huge load off and quite fun actually. People talking, screaming, singing along, no problem with me!

2. Rodrigo y Gabriela, a guitar duo from Mexico City, are incredible musicians.

3. Although we all know he's got a shy, sensitive side, I firmly believe after all his boobie comments, that John Mayer is one kinky guy behind closed doors.Here he is at the Festival, covering Van Halen's Panama sans t-shirt. More live show footage here.

4. People look awfully silly taking photos at night from the very back of a crowd of the stage. What is the point of that?

5. Overheard by a young male, obviously already intoxicated at 4pm, "Dude, I can't make it anther 4.5 hours to see Dave".

6. People I would have called dirty hippies a decade ago, with long white boy dread locks, now rock Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. Gosh, where have I been?

7. The festival was at our local soccer complex, so I kept expecting to see David Beckham. Keep dreaming.

8. $8 beer on a hot day is delicious.

9. Traffic does not have to be a huge cluster when you are attending a festival with 49,999 other people. I kid you not, we hit no traffic. Still amazed by that.

10. Food on the other hand was a MAJOR cluster.

11. If you see a fellow blogger waiting in line, that you email with, but haven't met yet, just say hello. I didn't and I wish I did now.

12. Ben Harper should have played. Damn him touring in Europe.

13. Free tickets made the day better than anticipated. So did my friends. Thanks for a fun time! Finally a girls DAY & NIGHT OUT all rolled into one.


  1. It was a great day and the company made it even more fun! KDV

  2. Good for you for getting out:)

  3. Wow, that would be fun to see a blogger you haven't met yet! Too bad you didn't say hello.

  4. Sounds wonderful, I'm glad you had a good time and got the chance to get out for a bit.

  5. Hi! Fellow AllMediocre blogger.

    $8 for beer? Damn. Regardless, sounded like a fun concert! I was just reading your Garden CSI story and it reminds me of the time my neighbors asked my mother why she was shop vacing the grass. Haha! Guess she's not the only one (she got sick of picking up the helicopters)! But I agree, earwigs are nasty little things. I also can't stand those Japanese beetles. Once one of them got under my shirt. I flipped and was scarred ever since.

  6. Sounds like a great time.

    You'll have to ask Jennifer Aniston about John Mayer. ;-)

  7. Sounds fun. Was Jennifer Aniston there?

  8. Wow! Lucky break on the traffic!

  9. Sounds awesome! And meeting a fellow blogger? That's even more awesome! :)I'll keep your tip in mind for the future, though...


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