College 10 Years Later

  1. Freshman really look like they are 14 years old, I find it hard to believe they can drive a car no less live on their own. 

  2. Seriously do college students really hang 4ft X 5ft posters of Seinfeld on their dorm walls? The poster people still show up every fall!

  3. College students design their dorm rooms and apartments now, long gone are the days of hand me down furniture or thrift store finds. 

  4. Everyone, ok well maybe like 95% of all college students have a cell phone attached to their ear as they walk through campus. 

  5. The faces may change, but the groups remain the same. Sorority girls with their hair and make up done up so perfectly with coordinating accessories, frat boys with their came ripped abercrombie jeans and polo shirts, skateboarders with pants hanging off their hips, kind hippies (this is boulder) busting their desperately hoping to dread white locks, engineer students ready for academic challenges, and international students with their gentle smiles.

  6. Back packs aren't the hip way to carry your books these days, the tote is definitely the way to go. 

  7. Must carry water (well that hasn't changed) in cool metal water bottle. 

  8. I eye "nice girls" wondering if they are potential babysitter material. 

  9. Sweats and lounge wear are apparently appropriate outfits for class. 

  10. Not once, but many times my mind pondered, "what the hell are you thinking"?

  11. iPods, iPhones, YouTube, MySpace, text messaging, and Facebook did not exist when I was an undergrad.

  12. All official university communication, including billing is done online now. Snail mail is a thing of the past. 

  13. Instead of chatting up people about my wonderful dog, I pull out photos of my two girls and talk about life from the perspective of being a mother. 


  1. I get a lot of the same feedback from my husband (former university professor.) He always comments about how the students make him feel old.

  2. I'm kind of happy I went to school when I did--it may not have been as 'high tech' but I sure did love it :)

  3. hahahaha, this is so funny! I was thinking the same thing with the cell phone attached to the ear and all of the technology now when I was at George Mason's campus yesterday. I was wandering around their student union and felt VERY old all of a sudden. These college kids do look young! And, there were tons of them with cell phones, blackberries and cool laptop computers.

  4. Kind Hippie represent! Sometimes I find it hard to distinguish high school from college kids now. They all just seem really young, and I only graduated 4 years ago.

  5. HAHA! I know! They looks so little! It always blows me away how young they look.

  6. I love this! My favorite thing about living in a college town is that you can get away with wearing lounge pants almost anywhere!

  7. Oh, college... Some things never change... While some, well, DO.

  8. Ha, ha. Number 8 is my favorite.

    I still have great respect for you for going back. Maybe you will inspire me... or scare me. :-)

  9. I had the same reaction driving through my husband's college campus a few days ago! "Dan, they're babies!" The freshmen stay the same age, but we just keep getting older. . . .

  10. We were up at Syracuse U. and Cornell last week and I was thinking the same thing! The kids looked so young!

    So much has changed, but alot of things DID remain the same. The boys hanging out on the front porch of their frat houses, groups of students hanging out talking about the crazy party the night before and the parents unloading their SUVs and kissing their kids goodbye.

  11. I worked on a campus for a bit 2 years ago. Looking at the students' wardrobes and tech gear, I felt like the poorest guy around.

  12. 4. I didn't have a cell phone until my first year teaching. Had to turn it in when we moved to Colorado and then didn't get another until after 9/11. Can't imagine having one in college.
    8. Checking out girls for babysitters? Lucky! LOL
    11. My college life would have been sooooo much easier with an iPod (music major), laptop, and the internet. I would have never gotten anything done with Facebook and texting. LOL

  13. I wish pajamas and loungewear were appropriate in ALL situations. I could seriously live in pj's if given the chance. A great pair of comfy pj pants and a tank top.


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