Conversations With My Daughter

My first born was gifted with the art of conversation, even at the ripe age of four. She loves to chat up anyone that will listen. The mailman, the grocery store clerk, our neighbors, whomever happens to call. Last night, I was getting some laundry done. She was hanging out with daddy before bed, but came running in a flash down the stairs.

Sj- Mom, Mom. I have a brilliant idea. Why don't you go away with your friends, so I can stay home with daddy? Daddy always has to go away. But if YOU go away then he has to stay home.

Mom- I am liking this idea. You are right, it's brilliant. Only one problem, where would I go?

Sj- You could go to California, to buy me Julie (an American Girl Doll). Buy me all the coordinating accessories, the outfits, ALL OF THEM. Oh, and that bike.

Mom-Fly to California to buy you more stuff. Interesting.

She ran upstairs in a flash. Yelling to my hubby, "Mommy is going away!!!"

After I gave her idea some further thought, I realized she had a point. It's a very busy time for my husband at work right now. Every August pretty much sucks for our family as unit, for there is no escaping the crunch of August or the lengthy trip to Los Angeles for him to complete his project. Now that's she's older, she recognizes the amount of time he has to be away from us. The dinners with out him, the meetings on weekends, the last minute travel, his cell phone always ringing.

Later on, I explained to her what a Stay At Home Mom is. How Daddy's job involves traveling and how my job involves being with her. How I wouldn't want it to be any other way. Although I do appreciate her idea to score some more time with Daddy.

And, I don't get away. I've been away from her one night her entire life. One night. I am just a couple of weeks away from finishing up weaning my 20 month old, so soon I will be free. Free to escape for a weekend away with friends. Take a trip all by myself. Quite honestly I am in no rush, but I do like to dream about the possibilities. Gosh, maybe I'll even attend a little conference next year called BlogHer.

Then, Sj's wish will come true. To have daddy all to herself (well and with her sister) for the whole weekend. Sounds like a win-win situation for all parties involved.


  1. A weekend to yourself sounds great to me! Sj is so cute as the complaining bear. I love it!

  2. My little ones crave more time with their daddy, too. It's hard to explain why he has to work so much, and why "boring old Mommy" is always home!

  3. She's brilliant! I love the idea. Plus, it would be so much fun to meet you (assuming I can pull off a trip).

  4. Let me guess your one night away was when you had your other child? sounds pretty similar, so i finish feeding on Nov 27th, i figure we need a shopping trip away somewhere the following week, say for christmas...!!

  5. Love'n your daughter's dimples!

  6. I've had one night in 5 years, too. I think we're due. Blogher next year?

  7. Dude, you gotta get out! I live for my twice a year weekends away. Live.For.Them. First weekend of October can't come soon enough!
    And if BlogHer comes to Denver, I'm there. :)

  8. Wow, you know, I just realized that It's likely I'll find myself in the same situation in about two years :-)

    Well, except that I'm a working Mom, as well as Daddy, so at least I'll have that.

  9. Oh man I love it when I can take a lil mommies jubilee-so renewing...
    I found your blog from allmediocre and have enjoyed reading it

  10. That is so sweet. She wants you to have time for yourself and wants time alone with Daddy. That is a win-win.

    But you may have to worry about the schemes she'll concoct when she gets older.

  11. You definitely should take advantage of her offer! :)

  12. Your daughter is absolutely brilliant, and I think a weekend to yourself whenever you get around to it sounds fabulous! :)

  13. A weekend away sounds great! Let's pinky swear to go to Blogher next year:)

    (did I just say "pinky swear"?)

  14. Just remind her that it was HER idea when she calls you five minutes after you leave, begging you to come home. ;)


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