Got Old Pots & Pans, Create Some Family Music!

Patience is a virtue, especially in our local library consortium. I placed a hold months ago for The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule (link below). Finally after much eager anticipation the book was ready and waiting for me. I rushed over to my local branch and picked it up.

I've been reading the Soule Mama blog now for quite sometime and I knew her recently published book would be like icing on the cake. The book is chock full of creative outlets for your entire family to enjoy together.

One of the her creative projects that sparked my curiosity was the Banging Wall. Basically, she gathered up old pots, pans, and metal bakeware. Then she attached them to a moveable A-Frame so her children (and adults alike) could create music by banging on the pots/pans with wooden spoons or sticks, in her yard. Brilliant!

Saturdays are 50% off days at our local thrift store. I headed over to pick up some old pots and pans so we could have our own Banging Wall. I walked away with a great selection of metalware for less than $10 bucks. We have a humongous shed in our backyard, that was just screaming for some creativity to adorn it. The Banging Wall was just the perfect solution.

This morning, I couldn't wait to get started. I took some old scraps of 2x4's and attached them to the shed wall. Then I started placing the pots and pans in various places, trying to get the best sound possible. Some are attached loosely, some are on string, and some are flush with the 2x4.

Add a couple of sticks and wooden spoons, and voile music will happen. I will warn you, you may be inching in for some space on your kids. I try to model playing rhythms for Sj, so then she can recreate those rhythms. At this point she's just in free for all banging mode.

Not sure what my neighbors think, but maybe it's my payback for all the constant barking dogs.

Enjoy the video, I couldn't resist. You may even laugh at Sj's reaction to knocking the rack off the shed wall! It's a hoot.

For the record, we've name our wall, the Drum Wall. Hopefully you'll encourage your children to explore music with your very own Drum/Banging Wall!



  1. What an adorable idea! Kudos to you for getting it started AND finished! (I haven't quite gotten the hang of that yet)

  2. That's brilliant. I would love to annoy my neighbors with a drum wall. And l adore vintage/old kitchenware. What a great idea for displaying it.

  3. I LOVE that idea. Like you, I wonder about the neighbors (we're packed pretty close here). BUT, maybe, just maybe, I'll consider my Drum Wall payback for that naked pool party they had last week.

  4. I LOVE the banging wall! I have wanted to do that for Ray when she's older, but I'm not sure how my neighbors would take it...

  5. Sj needs another stick.
    And your neighbors are going to kill you. LOL!
    Love the idea!

  6. See i don't need a drum wall as i have a good friend just around the corner with her very own one! No seriously what a great idea, the boy is always doing the music thing while i make dinner, we have a drum cupboard...

  7. I have that book but haven't read the whole thing yet.

    I would love to put this up on the fence that I share with my old neighbor's and their yappy dogs! They may even enjoy the banging more than the crying that is normally taking place outside.

  8. Great idea! And kids so love to bang things. Video was very cute.

  9. Awesome idea! Unfortunately I think it would set off my own yappy dogs. :( Maybe taking the pans to a nearby park would work for me.

  10. What a creative way to let your children explore music! :)

  11. That's a guaranteed hit. If it is noisy or disgusting, the kids are on it like white on rice.

    Thanks for your comments on stereotypes. I don't think the Housewife Who Has Given Up made the effort to put on lipstick.

  12. I love the idea and what a fun thing to do. Looks like Sj is on her way for an audition with "stomp." Too cute...

  13. Oh wow - very cool!! My kids would love that.

  14. Great idea! Although, I'm pretty sure my neighbors would have a fit. Not to mention the neighborhood dogs. Really cute though.


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