My Flip Flops Need To Be Thrown Out Before I Hop On a Plane To Greece

So here is the 6 Quirky, Boring, And Unremarkable Things About Me Meme from The Soapdish:

1. Today I was pleasantly surprised by how entertained I was at Momma Mia. Hello, Greece I am packing my bags right this very moment!

2. I crashed a neighborhood Ladies Night last night, compliments of an invite by this friend. And I didn't know a soul, talk about stepping out of my comfort zone. It was refreshing.

3. Friday night out, movie and lunch with a friend. Holy, did someone actually get the woe is me memo? Woot, woot!

4. I've been contemplating a tiny revenge plot on Mrs.C.O.B., trust me it's not harming any one, maybe just a little sapling.

5. My flip flops should have been thrown out in May and I am still wearing them. I'm definitely in for the rest of the season.

6. I am a cupcake snob. I tried 6 different varieties of cupcakes from this bakery. I thought they tasted good, but I was not overly impressed. It made me long for these California Cupcakes instead. And, I also realized I should own a damn cupcake bakery

Alrighty, Welcome To The Circus, if you haven't gotten your tag yet, you're it!


  1. Ha.

    I am sooooo a cupcake snob too!

  2. Yay for Ladies Night and stepping out of your comfort zone!

    And when you get to the Portland metro area, let me take you to Saint Cupcake. You will never want again. (Check my Treasurelicious list).

  3. I'm a cupcake snob too. In fact one of my first posts mentioned the fact that I don't like canned frosting and have to make my own. Of course - it's the recipe from the Domino confectioners sugar box - nothing fancy. But I swear to god it's the best cake frosting I've ever had. It's easy too. Anyone that has tried it immediately becomes a true believer.

  4. Keep us updated on Mrs. C.O.B! I want to hear all about the revenge plots - maybe I can use them on my neighbors!

  5. I'm with you on the cupcakes, and I think you should transplant the sapling to your side I'd the fence. :)

  6. My flip flops are rotting off of my feet, but they are SO comfortable!

  7. my sandals are in similar repair. I can put up with the cakes though as chances of me coing to CA anytime soon are zero! Thanks for the tag

  8. Try the EF cupcakes--I love them :) Not Sprinkles but cheaper.

    I seriously wanted to pack up and go to Greece after Mama Mia too!

  9. Never, ever, in my wildest dreams would I have imagined you were out of your comfort zone on Friday. It was so good to see you and I'm so glad you could come! :)
    Still haven't seen Mamma Mia...gotta get on that. ; )

  10. MAN!

    Mamma Mia, Ladies Night out, Friday night out, movies, dinner....

    SHEESH, party animal!

    I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the Mrs. C.O.B.

  11. I am so glad you had a chance to get out with our J girl! I think it's fabulous you stepped out of your comfort zone and went to a party to meet new people. That's REALLY great and brave:) And, I am totally with you on cupcakes. I've tried Cake Love here and thought it was pretty good. I did find the cupcakes a bit dry, but I'm not against giving them a second chance. No need to twist my arm when it comes to trying cupcakes! ;)

  12. have you tried Happy Cakes in the Highlands. I thought they were pretty good.

  13. Cupcakes are delicious! I still need to go see Mama Mia. It looks so good.


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