Oh DNC How I Want You and Sly Campaign Volunteer Tactics

On Monday, Denver is going to explode with campaign splendor. The Democratic National Convention is slated to run August 25-28. How incredible to live twelve itty bitty miles from the epicenter of such a monumental event. 

But then, I realize it doesn't really matter how close I live, for I will be watching at home the in depth coverage as if I lived in Spokane or Birmingham or insert your city here. I'll have a slight edge with the local newspapers and television stations, but that's about it. Then I start to feel a tad bit disappointed that I won't have an opportunity to partake in such history.

Sometimes, I just think about what I would say to Anderson Cooper when I met him, you know at the Convention that is. But I would probably get lost in his blue eyes. Or how Oprah reportedly has spent $50,000 to rent a house in Denver for the week, even though there is no confirmation she will be attending. Then maybe I well up a bit, thinking that The Daily Show will be taping at the Convention or I could grab a sandwich at the same place as THE Clintons.

Have I mentioned, there's a little historical moment called the acceptance speech.
Breaking the mold of traditional political Conventions, Senator Barack Obama will accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States at Denver’s INVESCO Field at Mile High. INVESCO Field can accommodate more than 75,000 people.
Sounds like the hottest ticket of the year, doesn't it?

Well, they offered up community credentials for average folks like me. A strange turn of events brought me to the webpage during the credential offerings, so I simply applied for a credential. I felt like I was playing the lottery. I imagined sitting with seventy five thousand people, not watching the broncos play football, but Barack Obama giving the speech of his life. How amazing.

Turns out the Campaign For Change/Obama For America, had some sly tactics under their belt. Within 24 hours of applying for a credential to attend the speech like hundreds of thousands of other Coloradans, the Campaign's workhorses started contacting me. Emails started filling my inbox, my phone began ringing a couple times a day from unrecognizable numbers which was none other than Campaign phone banks. If I volunteered by completing three shifts of calling 80 people, knocking on 80 doors, or registering people to vote, I MAY be eligible for a credential, not a guarantee. Or they could pick my name from the information I submitted. They used my credential contact information to dupe me. (For the record, I will be doing some volunteering, but not until my life resumes to normal, or what I hope will be more normal in September. But they didn't have to use these tactics to convince me.)

I received a text message stating I was not one of the lucky chosen ones to attend Obama's speech, so I'll be watching the event of a lifetime with everyone else that gives a damn, on television. I feel so left out.

Oh and just because this is the only time I am going to talk about this, if I hear the word DELEGATE one more time, I think I am going to...



  1. That's really interesting.

    Next time someone with a clipboard tries to stop me on the street - I'll have a better idea of what their motivation is...

  2. At least you'll get to follow everything on TV. According to my husband, high definition is just like being there (that was his sales pitch when he wanted a new tv). I still don't buy it. :)

  3. ehh, that leaves a bit of a bad taste, especially the part in the report linked where they wanted to hours put in by Friday. Wow....

    Still, yep, if I was as close as you, I'd be itching to get in on the Convention!

  4. Those kind of tactics get me so discouraged about politics.

  5. amen.

    Im so tired and jaded and newly cynical.

  6. i suppose thats the only good thing about me not being able to vote, they call i say sorry can't vote they never call again!

    That's some pretty dubious tactics and i know others it has happened to too.

    We have a pact to stay out of downtown that week....

  7. That's how I feel about a lot of local events... So close, and yet - I'm going to be watching via TV, so yet -so far away...

  8. Search for knowledge,read more ,sit on your porch and admire the view without paying attention to your needs aoc gold

  9. I'm sorry I have no idea what this post said, because I didn't read anything past "Anderson Cooper."

    I love me some Anderson Cooper.

  10. At least you'll be able to avoid the crowd and watch in the comfort of your home.

  11. Oh those Obama people want your soul if you volunteer. I did and now have to sit through all day training on Saturday. But if it helps him get elected then I'm down with that.

    And yummy Anderson Cooper.

  12. Yeah, we were shut out too. And Tom applied within 5 minutes of availability. So he'll go on to his meeting that night and I'll sit and watch the speech with a glass of champagne. :)
    We might play hooky one day next week and go downtown to just wander about. ;)

  13. I also received the "sorry you didn't win the backstage passes" email. Boy was I bummed because there's no way I'm drving my '98 ford Escort to Denver next week.

    Being from the Four Corners, I will probably have a heart attack if he Chooses New Mexican Bill Richardson for VP.Then I will regret not driving up there. Oooh the excitement!

  14. I agree--very sneaky. You will see better from your home anyway :)

  15. I'd have been SO annoyed with someone or some group getting my information that way. That's annoying and probably some sort of false advertising.


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