So Much For Sharing a Muffin... Propaganda Anyone?

At Kindergarten drop off today, I noticed two mothers exchanging an Anti-Muslim Propaganda DVD, which has been distributed to 28 million American homes, mainly through newspapers in targeted swing states. Now the message of the DVD is completely focused on American Security, of course with a small group of Extreme Muslims waging a war on our security.

Funny enough, if you do a little bit of research and put the pieces together, it's pretty easy to see what the point of the DVD is, to scare Americans, shortly before a major election. 

Here's my list of problems with the DVD (although I could go on):
  1. National Security is in the best interest of all Americans, so why target only swing states? Are only a handful of states at risk? My goodness, I think not. 

  2. The company producing the video has not disclosed their source of funding, even though they claim to be a non-profit. Have something to hide?

  3. The Clarion Fund (who put their name on the dvd) is run by three individuals that are employed by Aish HaTorah International, an organization based out of Israel. Why aren't Americans rallying for our safety, why does this foreign organization have so much interest in our safety?

  4. Why do we need to influence politics with religious bigotry?
For the record, I returned my three dvd's to the sender. Please people do your homework. Make informed decisions on November 4th, not ones that are fueled by sad scare tactics. If you are interested I have pertinent links to all the above information, I just cared to leave them out. Drop me an email. 


  1. This is a great (and relevant) post. I haven't been handed any anti-muslim propoganda yet, but I'm glad I read this. Fascinating...

  2. This kind of thing makes me so mad I could scream! Hope your week is delightful : )!

  3. I haven't seen these either. Thanks for writing about it. You're absolutely right--we all have a lot of reading to do to get ready for Nov. 4.

  4. You returned yours to the sender? I am proud to know you! (or sort of almost know you). Thanks for this post. By the way, I think Jen should have left her husband and kids home and taken us to the Obama rally today! ha ha What do you think?

  5. Good for you. I can't deal with that mindless crap, especially when its targeted towards women and swing states. It just makes us look dumb and easily manipulated.

    Ugh Colorado is facing the LONGEST ballot in state history this November.

  6. I didn't get one of those. If I did, I wouldn't be interested in watching. There are extremists out there, but I don't think there should be a DVD generalizing a whole population.

  7. Wow. I've never seen anything like that here in California. We exchange Obama stickers and SNL links at drop off.

    Great post.

  8. No way. Oh my God. No way. That's crazy. There are so many crazy people that live in this country. It's scares the crap out of me.

  9. I got one of these, too, but didn't even watch it. The cover was enough to freak me out. I put it straight in the trash.

  10. well just don't forget on sept 10th 2001, osama bin laden was, as you wrote,

    a small group of Extreme Muslims waging a war on our security.

    you dont have to be big to do damage

  11. I was so surprised to hear about this. But then...I guess I really wasn't. Just haven't seen anything like it in CA.

  12. Nope, sorry, took hubby and kids to Obama. ;) I'll take you guys next time! LOL
    And I cracked my DVD in half and tossed it in the trash. I considered getting a BB gun and using it for target practice, but thought better of it. It's hate propaganda, nothing more.

  13. Yes, much of Ohio received those DVDs, too. And then a few days later a mosque in Dayton, OH was attacked. Someone sprayed a chemical irritant into the children's room, resulting in trouble breathing, burning, itchy eyes and shock in the younger ones.

    Yet the major media didn't cover this hate crime. Apparently the fear tactics work, and it's disgusting.


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