Join In, A Baby Shower Gathering For iMommy!!!

People may laugh at the notion that when you blog, you form a community. Over time, I've found this circle of women that I just adore, that are scattered across the country from California to Texas to D.C. to NYC to Chicago to Boston to five miles from my own house and all sorts of places I have never heard of in between! I love getting to know someone through their blog, for typically most bloggers share the good, the bad, and the quirky! The circle of people I have met through blogging have just been a delight, so today we are honoring one of those women, via the web!

Today some of folks in my little blogging circle and her blogging circle are throwing a virtual SURPRISE baby shower for iMommy, who is due with her second child in less than one month! The theme of the shower is to offer her some advice and I can't think of a better group of people than bloggers, to give advice. So Caitlin, I wish you a speedy delivery, a speedier recovery, and these tiny nuggets of wisdom as you welcome baby number two into your life!

Life With Baby Number Two-
  • Don't rush leaving the hospital after giving birth, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to just have one on one time with your new precious arrival! The housework and Boopie will be just fine with out you! Oh and btw, do make sure Boopie is in good hands, so you aren't stressing about her, trying to bond with the new baby!

  • Make a mix playlist/cd of music you love to ease you through labor.

  • Let others take care of you, cooking, cleaning, help with Boopie after you settle back in at home. Relax!

  • Pick up a little special present for Boopie and tell her it's from the new baby, that way she'll feel special. It may even be fun to pack it in your hospital bag, to surprise her when she comes to the hospital. 

  • Many times, with baby number two, we as mothers feel compelled to hop right back into life the way it was before the baby arrived. Allow yourself plenty of time to get into a groove with both kids, don't put the pressure on yourself right away!

  • Enjoy the time, it passes so quickly. Allow lazy moments to fill your days with your new baby, Boopie, and your hubby by your side. Even if you are all snuggled up in bed together. 

And I couldn't resist this logo, I felt it was so you iMommy! I hope you enjoy it.

Please if you have any new baby advice, JOIN IN! It's a baby shower and your invited!


  1. Oh, thank you!!!! This is some great advice, and I'm feeling super ahead of the game, because I already have an iTunes mix of my favorite music to help me through the labor... yay!

    And the logo? Seriously perfect. I wish I had time to make it into a t-shirt to wear during labor! That would be amazing. I might just see if I can get it in on rush order :-) It's going on my blog, one way or another!

  2. Great advice! My favorites are having a gift for Boopie that's "from the new baby" and enjoying lazy moments. Those lazy moments are the priceless memories of tomorrow.

    All the best iMommy!

  3. You thought of some really awesome things! We did the presents from the new baby to my older two and they absolutely loved it.

    That logo is very iMommy.

  4. SOOOO with you on the first bullet. I wrangled a fourth night in the hospital after having the twins.

  5. What a great idea! I say stay in the hospital and rest as long as you can...I agree with bullet #1 as well:)

  6. What a great idea - Here's my advice:

    Don't stress about doing everything you did for the first, with the second. They are unique individuals and it's ok if you don't take #2 to music class like you did Boopie. :)

    And I echo your blogging sentiments!

  7. The only advice I usually give is for people to ignora all of my advice, because it is usually terrible.

    What a nice idea and a great shower for iMommy!

  8. Great idea and good luck to iMommy! My advice for the 2nd: try to balance having time for you, individual time for your first since a lot of attention is focused on the 2nd in the beginning, and time for you and your husband. Find a good babysitter you're comfortable with and trust!

  9. What a great idea..and you're absolutely right about the blog community. Congrats and good luck to iMommy. I'm not even married yet, so I don't really have any great advice. Just remember to cherish each and every moment...take time to breathe it all in.


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