Just Wondering??? A Google Reader & Blogger Blog Following Talk

If you don't use Blogger or Google Reader, please delete. This email will contain not one piece of relevant information to you. If you do, please read on, for I am confused and a bit mad. 

If anyone else out there gets frustrated when you "follow a blog" then that blog gets put into a special folder in Google Reader. A special folder you don't realize exists until a week has gone by. Then you try your hardest to figure out how to just get all your blogs in the INBOX of Google Reader, but they want a damn folder of their own. A blogs I am following folder, seems kind of silly doesn't it. I mean all the blogs in my reader I am following, Duh?

Does this sound crazy or remotely familiar to you? Because I really just want all my blogs in one folder, not two. 

Carry on...


  1. I just solved my problem and possibly yours. In Reader under subscription list column on the left side, click on OPTIONS. Then MY ORDER, Drag and Drop.

    You can move the blogs from the "blogs I am following folder" into the regular/old column.

    Aah, the little things.

  2. I am new to google reader but I have my blogs in several different folders. Mommy blogs, decorating blogs, craft blogs, porn...I mean FOOD blogs.

    Thanks for the tip...I will check it out.

  3. LoL, I JUST encountered this issue!

    So I've settled on adding blogs that I follow simply so that those individuals can know I'm following... but I also subscribe via RSS in my GReader and read them that way. I use Reader a lot. I have a little button in my Firefox toolbar that takes me to my next "parent" blog post in the reader -- so I can read them whenever I have a chance.


  4. Yeah, I find that REALLY annoying. I don't get emails from it though. I mostly ignore that folder, because when I read them from my normal folder, it syncs with the "following" folder so I just pretend it doesn't exist. I tried to get rid of it...but so far haven't had any luck. Let me know if you figure out how before I do!


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