The Natural Cobweb Look Achieved

As we were walking into our front door yesterday, SJ commented to me,
" we shouldn't wipe down those yucky cobwebs stuck with bugs. They are
so Halloweeny!"

I quickly replied, "the natural look is what I was going for." So on
my to do list for tomorrow is cleaning the entryway of inhabitants.

Happy Halloween!


  1. omg is that Barack obama I see in your house peeking your window? tell him to come here next.

    we had a huge web between our mailbox and the neighbor's, damn things must have been at it all night!

  2. Yes - it's pretty much year round Halloween at my house when it comes to cobwebs...

  3. I love the Barack peeking out the window! I agree with Jennie that you could send him here after he visits Jennie...
    I like the natural look and our house just has that lived in look all the time.

  4. I was in serious mourning when I took the Halloween decorations down yesterday. Sadly, I no longer have an excuse for not dusting.

  5. I think this means we are very Halloweeny!

  6. Ms. E would be very interested to see what kind of spiders are in your doorway :)

  7. You should tell your girls we celebrate Halloween all year round here ;)

  8. Haha, didn't she know that you worked very hard to get a genuine set of cobwebs for her Halloween pleasure?


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