A Quick Post From Tahiti

Where in the world have I run off to? Take a moment to guess, hopefully some place very exotic with drinks served out of fresh pineapples and little cute umbrellas. Good job, that story sounds much better than my reality. I suppose it would be fair to say life got in the way of my time to sit down and write this week. Oh and a little virus that's left GL coughing at around Midnight or 2 am since Monday night. Give or take any combination of the two. I'm the type that actually just coaxes my coughing children to get out of bed, have a homemade orange juice popsicle, and give the body a chance to recuperate a bit from the coughing fits. Usually it works until a fine time such as 6:15am .

But most nights as I lay in bed, awake at some awful hour, my mind races as to what I should blog about, like any good blogging mind does. Then it's my challenge to craft my under slept induced posts to real life.

In honor of it finally being Friday, I'm ending with a glimpse into my brilliant mind, some thoughts that will not turn into their own post (it's okay to laugh now):

Sj has really been coming up with some memorable quotes this week, here's a few:
  • Rock Obama wants the world to be a perfect place that's happy, and that umm other guy...McCain he's privileged.
  • If only I could wash my brain back to that time when we were at the toy store. (she was trying to remember something or you know wash her brain back)
  • At lunch with a friend of hers she casually mentioned, Did you know Jill's dad is in jail! (insert me coughing up my burrito, yes a surprise to mommy as well)
On a political note, I've had enough of the election talk, election banter, election posts, and election commercials. I have officially vowed to myself that I will no longer engage in any political commentary from this point out, until November 4 or 5. This one will be a challenge. But before I stop, can I just say, how in the world can people be undecided at this point? It's not like we are comparing a Macintosh apple to a Golden Delicious apple here people, we are clearly talking Apples and Prunes!!!

My life has been graced with a beautiful new gadget, the iPhone. For the record my computer is nine years old, our television is even older, so technical gadgets aren't that important to me. But it's lovely, five days out and I can't imagine life with out it. If you have a chance can you share you favorite applications with me, so far I just adore the New York Times application!

Lastly, to all my blog friends. I've been keeping tabs on you with reader. I just haven't been on my computer to comment, please accept my apologies. I will be catching up this weekend, after I hang out with some olympic gymnasts, oh like Shawn Johnson. I can't tell you how desperately I want my picture taken with her!!! More to follow on that note, cross your fingers it will be complete with photos. 


  1. "wash my brain back" That is so funny. I will be so sad when my kid stop saying things like this.

    "we are clearly talking Apples and Prunes!!!" Cracked me up. My favorite political commentary thus far today.

    iPhone: I want to marry my iPhone. I love it so.

    Can't wait to see you with Shawn Johnson!!

  2. Shawn Johnson! Very COOL!! Can't wait to see a post on that one. I COMPLETELY agree with you on the election. Yes, they are very different candidates, and life will still be beautiful despite who's in the white house. You know if Obama is elected, I'm going to have a hard time getting tickets to the Easter egg roll. ;) We'd have to get there a week early to camp out for tickets, WAH!!

  3. Ahh, that night cough! My 13 year old has it too. Hers also rears it's head during HS swim team practice. It's been a frustrating week for her...

    I just got a BlackBerry and love getting my email w/o touching the computer. But sending email? I need a full sized keyboard thanks. Have fun w/your new tool!

    Hope you have a nice weekend. We're going to be super busy in our neighborhood.

  4. I wish I was in Tahiti too.....sigh.....
    I have had my iPhone for a little over a year---I could never go back to a cell phone, ever. But I'm a dork on apps--weather bug is my fave lol ;)

  5. Are you going to their show? It's really great. I got to hang out with them at their first-ish pre show here in San Diego. Cause I sang backup with Carol King. Shawn is SUPER sweet. They're all really nice. I hope you have a great time!

  6. oh, i just got the iphone too and LOVE it. I hope GL feels better soon. can't wait to hear about shawn johnson.

  7. I find myself saying several times a day, outloud, "I love my iPhone!". I used to be a doubter, but now that I have had it for almost a month, I love it! There, said it again.

  8. Friend's dad in jail, that's a beauty. Definitely worthy of a coughed-up burrito.

    Hang in. I won't say anything political, okay? You betcha. *wink*


    so I shall just say Im jealous of you *and* yer iphone.

  10. yes i just loved the bit about Jill's dad! I have been lagging on the blogs too hopefully we can both get back t it this weekend.

  11. YAY for getting an iPhone! I love my grocery list and general list apps. And Twitterific...bacause I am addicted! The Bowling app is really fun!

  12. sao that is where you've been in Tahiti with the iphone. an addicting little thing. hopefully the cough is better, ours moved from coughing to the nose, which is way less scary at night but way grosser.

  13. I loved this... "we are clearly talking Apples and Prunes!!!"

    We've got a lot of coughing around here too.

    I really thought for a moment that you were in Tahiti.

  14. My hubby just told me about these free apps ok iPhone: writing pad (you don't have to lift a finger, literally) and my lite (a flashlight feature). I love my iPhone!


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