When Toothbrushing Goes Awry

Yesterday morning, I was in a bit of a rush to get out of the house worrying about being on time for the girl's flu shot appointment. We were brushing teeth in the bathroom, moments from walking out of the door. I was crouched down at GL's level to give her teeth one final swipe. As I reached out to pick her up and stand up at the same time, a pain radiated from the center of my spine and shot out to my sides. I immediately reacted with a yell.

My brain's initial reaction was to just keep on moving and pretend like the pain didn't exist. But it did. My eyes were welling up from the waves of pain that would come from the center of my spine if I moved in a particular way or any way really. I tried desperately to forget about it and we all headed out the door. To GL's dismay, I could not bend over and "Zip It", it being her jacket. She must have chanted "Zip It" about twenty times.

By the time we made it to the Doctor's office, I was literally in tears. I begged the receptionist for ibuprofen. I am not really the type to take any pills, so when she called out two or three, I was shocked that I didn't hesitate to respond, "THREE!!!". Luckily the pills kicked in and about an hour later the pain turned to an annoying throb. After a little begging, I convinced J to come home and help with school pick up and ballet duty.

Then I lucked out when I made my way to see a dear friend to help with my back problem. It's odd to say, back problem. I've never had a back injury and really this one has thrown me for a loop. My friend just so happens to be an Acupuncturist. He called me earlier in the day to discuss my situation and mentioned he could fit me in at 6. I jumped at the chance for relief.

After arriving at his office, my brain was slowed down a bit from the racing and constant focus on the pain in my back. His office was calm and settling. Before I knew it I was on the table, needles were in, and a dramatic calm had come over me. I was given a full gamut of treatments to help ease the pain I was experiencing. I left the office feeling completely different than when I walked in the door. I didn't need to take an ibuprofen before bed last night.

I am feeling sore this morning, but the pain isn't the same. I anticipate a few more days of moving a bit slower, snubbing my nose at bending over, and no funny twisting moves (that's when my body gives me the, NO!). But overall, I feel lucky this isn't anything to put me out for longer than a few days.

Special thanks to Kevin for helping me get through the day!

Check him out, Boulder County Acupuncture if you are in the area and need some non-traditional healing to help harmonize your mind and body.


  1. hi Denise,

    I'm glad you had a positive experience with acupuncture! Keep me updated and I hope your back continues to improve.


  2. glad the acupuncture is helping, to bad your life isn't able to slow down when your are injured. ah, the life of a mom. I think i will check him out though since I am having some wicked sciatic issues.

  3. If I lived near you (or you near me) I would give you a massage. For free. Cuz I'm so sweet ;) Get better soon!

  4. Oh only to have an acupuncturist out here in WV...I have chronic back pain and hip pain and would love to have that option. I hope that your pain goes away shortly and you'll be back to feeling the normalcy of brushing teeth.


  5. Loves me some acupuncture. It has pulled me out of total physical burnout.
    And your experience is very similar to Tom's. Threw his back out pouring a cup of coffee. And he won't go for acupuncture. Damned man. ;)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. back pain is aweful, i hope you are up to 100% soon!

  7. I am so sorry about your back. I hope you feel better soon! It is great for you to have a friend who's an acupuncturist and actually help you. Take it easy :)

  8. I wish we had a good acupuncturist around here. Sigh. I've had some great healing experiences through acupuncture and love that it facilitates your body to heal itself. Glad you're feeling better!

  9. glad you are feeling better, just take it easy for a few more days.

  10. Oh no! You poor thing. Try to get some rest and don't lift anything for a day or two if possible.

  11. Back pain is the worst - glad you're feeling better, and hope you continue to improve rapidly!

  12. Ouchies!!! I hope you feel better soon!


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