Insurmountable Joy

Exactly eight years ago, I became a bit jaded about elections in the United States. Hanging chads, voter fraud, and "my brother the governor" will rule me the winner of Florida. I still believe that election was unfairly won. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn't, but that's just how I was left feeling. Four years later, I was left feeling absolutely disenchanted by politics, staring at "too close to call", and once again Democrat's defeated.

The beauty of the United States is that we all are entitled to our opinion, sometimes driven by emotion or sometimes driven by fact, but most generally speaking for myself, always heavily driven by emotion. I believe the leader of the most wonderful country on earth should do what's best for the American people, the greatest good for the greatest number philosophy. Not what's best for corporations, destroying the environment in the name of widening the profit margin. Clearly we know who came out on top of eight years of Bush's policies, corporations. Oh and China, for they own hundreds of billions of dollars in our economy. Why doesn't that worry Conservative Americans, why, why, why???

Now I believe the time has come for people. Barack Obama has always captivated me. He's eloquence and intelligence were enough to reel me in from day one. Considering our current leader lacks both of those qualities, Obama is a fresh breeze coming through the window, clearing out the old stagnant corporate air, clearing out the lobbyist back pocket air, clearing out the closed door back room deal air. Barack Obama doesn't scare me. His middle name doesn't scare me, his resume doesn't scare me, and the color of his skin doesn't scare me.

Last night I shed tears of insurmountable joy, for the first time in years, I felt the vitality that Americans deserve. I felt the greatness that we once again can be known for around the world.

I felt HOPE.

Thank you to everyone that went out and exercised their right to VOTE. Democracy truly is a beautiful thing. And if today you are feeling left saddened, worried, or unsure, I have to say just give President Elect Obama a chance come January, to change your mind.

P.S. Colorado, excellent job. I've waited 14 years to see you go BLUE.


  1. My friend was just talking about how sad she was to not be living in CO right now (they just moved to NJ earlier this year). She would have loved to share your "P.S." sentiments.

    Living in VA, we felt that excitement of "my vote counts." I mean - all votes count, but when you see results of 51%/49%...well it really brings that understanding home.

  2. I know, its a great time to be a democrat.

    After me and my boyfriend watched Obama win the election on TV, he proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from so I went from sayin yes we can to soon saying I do.

    Glad we finally are moving to a new era in politics!

  3. I am extremely proud of out country--we have come so far :)

    I will tell you I did vote for the other guy--I am a (shhh) Republican BUT I love our country and our president regardless of the party :)

    I am just excited about how excited the rest of the country is. I am praying this will be a positive impact on our world and that he does the best job ever!

    I am going to be watching him and cheering him on every step of the way :)

    (On a side note--I think the Obama team ran the best campaign ever! If this is foreshadowing to his administration, YAY!)

  4. It was amazing! I kept asking people to pinch me. Can this be the same America from 4 years ago? What a landslide electoral college vote!

    Oh, and X? Wow! My sister got engaged on Oct. 13th, but I bet once she hears your story she'll wish he'd waited for that moment. How wonderful and completely unforgettable. Congratulations!!

  5. This is the first time in eight years I feel confidence in the leader for the free world.

  6. beautifully said! i could not be more proud of our country and living in indiana and going blue is like a dream come true!!

  7. Well, I am a conservative and voted for McCain, and I have the same worries as you do (China, economy, health care, etc., etc.). Just maybe different ideas on how to deal with them.

    It is a wonderfully exciting time in our nation's history. The first African American president. That's awesome!

    I hope Obama can bring people together as he plans. We need it. All the crazy president bashing that has been going on the last 8 years is unacceptable and I hope it won't carry over to the next however many years.

  8. I have loved Obama from the start. I couldn't be happier with the results :)

  9. It is amazing to see the first African American become president and how excited people are. I definitely felt the excitement for the country. I think he will bring people together.

  10. Amen sister. I was so proud of our state on Tuesday night. THANK GOD our citizens were smart enough to defeat 48. I cried for so many reasons that night..WITH JOY!

  11. I particularly liked your last paragraph. I didn't vote for Obama. But I am hoping and praying that he acts in ways that change my mind. I really do.

  12. I remember going to bed after the race was called in one of those Bush elections and waking up and it wasn't true! WTF?
    I found myself so guarded this year, and there was NO WAY I was going to bed until a concession was made and l he came out and made that speech.
    THEN I got excited - all those pent up months - YAYAYAYAYAYAYYA!

  13. the pit in my stomach is FINALLY gone. I can't believe he won. I am so relieved and so happy. The dark era is over!!!

  14. It was definately History in the making!
    I am stopping by from allmed to say Hi


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