One Black Trash Bag....Later

This past weekend, my house was brimming with house cleaning. Not just tidying up, but getting into closets, sorting toys, sheets, mounds of laundry being tackled! Oh how do I love a cleaning groove. But it was during this groove that I had a personal moment of clarity. 

When I am in the zone, I find myself calling out to another member of the family, usually Sj to bring me something I am in need of. Take for example my huge pile of discarded clothes from my dresser and closet, it out grew my shopping bag and a white kitchen trash bag. I needed someone to bring me in a big boy, a black yard trash bag! Oh that feels good, just thinking about it.

After moving into the girls' bedroom, I decided I needed yet another black trash bag. This time to conceal items that were disappearing from their room. Not necessarily permanently disappearing, just needing to be moved out of the current space. Sometimes I find it's easier to just remove things that are ready and sort into trash, giveaway, store for a later time, or move back to their proper place in another room. If Sj sees me with the black trash bag, normally her you better not be getting rid of MY stuff radar goes off in her head, so I decided to get the trash bag from the garage myself.

Enter break in the groove. My moment of clarity occurred when I realized it's actually very beneficial for me to ask for small assistance with such tasks as grabbing a new trash bag or else the groove ceases to exist.

For when I went to walk down stairs, through the kitchen, then dining room into the garage to grab a bag and walk back upstairs maintaining the groove, this sequence of events occurred instead. I walked downstairs, decided I was thirsty and that I should grab a glass of water. But I knew I had a glass going somewhere, so I walked back upstairs to my bedroom. Looked around, didn't see my water. Walked back downstairs poured a new glass of water, when I saw the washed grapes on the counter. I stopped to have a few.

Then the dryer beeped, so I went downstairs to switch out the laundry and fold the load fresh out of the dryer. Although I needed a laundry basket to put the clothes in from the bedroom. On my way back up, I poked my head into the office and sat down at my computer to just quickly check my email. Bwah ha ha ha. If you are reading this, you know for certain there is no quickly checking email, it's one of my greatest distractions. As I sit at the time warp, time in the groove is ticking away. After I get up from the computer, I find myself distracted from my original intent time and time again.

May I even share, I forgot about the trash bag I originally walked down the stairs to get. So now when I call out to a family member to help when I'm in the cleaning groove, I know I am not being selfish, but trying to stay on task!


  1. I get distracted too. Especially with the email. I've finally decided to just check in the morning or check in the evening. I'm also trying to focus and stay on one task. It definitely feels like I get something done! I'm in cleaning mode today too due to rainy weather. :)

  2. OMG, so I'm not the only person who does that? Like my friend says, I meant to take over the world, but I got distracted by something shiny.

  3. i get distracted very easily! glad it's not just me. :)

  4. I can't wait to order my kids around. At this point I can barely get them to do things they like.

  5. This is great news for me, from now on I am asking others to join the groove and keep me on the move.


  6. Check my email......heehee! I know just what ya mean!

  7. lol, sorry you lost your groove!

    I lose my groove sometimes, too :) You know, the groove from my butt in the sofa! (jk) (lately, not really, cuz all I do is breastfeed...) (then again, I'm learning to do everything one-handed while BFing...)

  8. I TOTALLY Understand. I am off, right as I hit enter on this, to grab enough stuff to set out for donations tonight. Unfortunately, it won't be the down and dirty cleaning I had hoped to do, but I WILL rid our closets of outgrown clothing. I WILL.


  9. Oh I feel ya. If I walk away through another room then I start cleaning there and so on and so on. Pretty soon I am behaving just like a chicken with it's head cut off. My mantra? Onethingatatimeonethingatatimeonethingatatime...
    Repeat 8 million times.

  10. When it comes to cleaning, I have ADD. Of course, who can blame us? There are so many other great things we could be doing. :-)

  11. I can pretty much keep my cleaning groove, but I can't seem to get my work groove going at work. One thing always leads to another...

    BTW- Opaque trash bags are a mom's best friend!


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