She Happily Types As Chaos Ensues...

There seems to be a huge disconnect between the person I really am and the person I think I am. I think I am organized, on top of things, and like to run a tight ship. I love baskets to house things, everything in it's place, neatly organized closets, empty hampers, fresh sheets, empty kitchen sink, and sparkling floors. But in all reality, if you could look around my house right now, in this very moment, you would see the evidence of anything but the person I just described.

I believe it has been one day of running around and my house looks like I haven't picked up in a week. At least a week. Maybe longer. I happily piled the dishes in the sink this morning when making my pumpkin pie. Sort of in a passive way, pretending as if they didn't exist, merrily humming along to my blaring iPod and enjoying the aromatherapy from the pie baking. I emptied the dishwasher, but left it open and never quite got to all the dishes from the sink, before it was time to head out.

Even though I just put away three baskets of laundry on Monday morning, there are two folded baskets that have already replaced them. Neatly folded laundry, just sitting in a basket, not in a dresser drawer or closet, in a basket. In a basket that I can almost guarantee will be rummaged through within the next twelve hours for some crucial piece of clothing, possibly upsetting the nice folded nature of those piled high in the basket clothes.

In case you've been humored so far, by my reality of chaos in the home, I'll let you in on another secret. Sometimes, I purposely avoid doing a particular task around the house, just to see how long it would take for someone (anyone) to notice it needs getting done. Take for example the Baby Einstein Santa's Music Box DVD that's been sitting on my stairs, right in the middle of the third stair from the bottom, for about a day now. I can guarantee everyone in my family has passed it at a minimum of five times, but it's still sitting there. It's my experiment. How long will the DVD sit until someone moves it? Does anyone else wonder what in the world is a DVD doing there? Maybe I'll have a surprise gift for the first person that actually moves it. It can be anyone, even my 2 year old that is happily crawling by it with her swift motion down the stairs. I wait and wait.

Which leads me to tomorrow. We have some friends coming by. Not a house full, just a few friends. The kind of friends I don't exactly have to clean for, but given the evidence I have just divulged, the kind of friends I better clean for. So tomorrow, I'll spend the day in a whirl wind, pretending like my place was not a strewn and wrecked mess just moments before they arrived.

If only I could break this vicious cycle. I'll take advice at this point, I need it...


  1. You know, I'm much the same way. I'm so happy to have a clean and tidy house, but the time it takes requires me to give something else up. Like having a life. It's most noticeable on the days AFTER I've been out and about doing something all day. The house oozes stuff while I'm gone and I'm not there to pick it up as it oozes. LOL So I feel your pain and my best advice, I have no advice. :(

  2. You don't want my advice because, well, you just described me.

    Your idea is like the king with the boulder - he hid treasure under it for the person who actually went about moving the boulder out of the road instead of just going around it. Smart you are; report back :D

    Happy Thanksgiving, clean house or not!

  3. We can't all be neat freaks--I try so hard to keep things clean too but for me it's like trying to keep a wave on the shore ;)

    Don't stress too much--as they always say no tombstone reads 'she kept a clean house' because a clean house is really not that important in the grand scheme of things :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. My family will jump over the stuff on the stairs, play with it, move it, kick it to another stair, stare at it, walk on it, walk around it, use it and then put it back on the stair....BUT GOD FORBID THEY PUT IT AWAY!!!

  5. OMG I am so happy to know that I'm not the only one who practices these type of know the things that have stayed in my bedroom, stairs, kitchen. So bizarre. I love this post and think, just let them see your house as a home...that's what I've got!


  6. oh wait I thought you were describing me but then you brought up the whole dvd thing and that is not on my stairs...sheesh you scared me for a moment I thought you might have a camera on me..heehee

    don't look in my baskets...that's where I hide stuff:)

  7. I would have been happy to just help you straighten up! Everything looked not even close to out of place. Way too funy. xoxoKeri ps. the real reason you have been unable to concentrate on household duties is because you have been in a Chris Martin haze

  8. I leave stuff on the stairs too. I'm happy to say S will pick up stuff. The kids are still being trained. Whenever I go to a friends house for dinner, I never notice how clean the house is. Unless it's one of those houses you see on "how clean is your house?" on BBC, that would be different. But, I think good friends don't mind and they just love your company.

  9. I think we all do it and i think we, the people commenting are the only ones who'd notice the DVD! It scares me how much my boy is follwing in daddy's footsteps - i hear the words just pickup something, anything coming from my mouth often!

  10. I definitely can't give you advice on this one. :)

  11. "There seems to be a huge disconnect between the person I really am and the person I think I am."

    Yes. YES!


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