Tuesday Tips: What's In Your BOTTLED Water?

Bottled water is everywhere. If you really break it down, it's pricey to our budgets and more so to Mother Earth. So what's better bottled purified water, bottled spring water,  tap water, or filtered water?

If you don't know, us Coloradans take water consumption very seriously. A bottle of water is as important of an accessory as a cell phone or designer bag. But on a more serious note, hydration is crucial at our elevation (5,400 ft), not to mention the dry climate and blazing sunshine.

Recently I was sent a report from the Environmental Working Group about the quality of bottled drinking water. Considering there is a lack of regulation on the bottled water industry, I was shocked to find out what types of contaminants were found in major brands of bottled water.

Walmart's Sam's Choice bottled water was purchased in various parts of the country and then independently tested, by the EWG.  Hands down Sam's Choice Purified water, received the worst offender award. Everything from trihalomethanes (disinfection byproduct), bromodichloromethane (cancer causing chemical), and chloroform (known human carcinogen)! Wow! So people are choosing to drink bottled water, thinking it's better and safer than tap water, but they are actually putting known carcinogens and chemicals into their bodies. Shame on the FDA for not regulating the bottled water industry. I'm just floored by this.

Bottled "Purified Water" differs greatly from Bottled "Spring Water". Spring water comes from a natural occurring source. Companies like Eldorado Spring Water, Evian, and Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, are truly committed to a higher quality product. They use a quality control system to maintain a high standard.

Beyond paying to put toxins into our bodies, the plastic water bottle industry also pollutes the Earth. Here are some interesting Bottled Water Facts (from Reusable Bags):
  • Americans will buy an estimated 25 billion single serving plastic water bottles this year. Of which only 3 billion will be recycled, meaning 22 BILLION plastic water bottles are being buried in landfills this year alone. Gulp. 
  • 1.5 million barrels of oil are used annually to produce plastic water bottles just for us, bottled water loving Americans, which is enough to fuel 100,000 cars for a year. 
  • Plastic water bottles don't biodegrade. They break down into smaller and smaller bits, contaminating our soil and water. Nice!

In our home, we use a Multi-Pure water filtration system. It's a unit that sits under our sink, but dispenses through a spout that sits next to our faucet, we placed ours where the sink sprayer would normally be found. We chose Multi-Pure because of their commitment to high quality in home filtration systems. Multi-Pure is certified by NSF which is a internationally recognized not for profit third party testing organization. NSF annually conducts testing to make sure Multi-Pure is maintaining their quality standards.

A Multi-Pure water filtration system is a Solid Carbon Block. The water is forced through densely compacted carbon, where filtration of a wide range of contaminants takes place. For example, cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia), VOCs (pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals), certain endocrine disruptors, Trihalomethanes, heavy metals (lead, mercury), MTBE, Chloramines, and asbestos. Interestingly enough natural occurring minerals are not filtered out. I am not sure what type of quality standards refrigerator companies (filtered in door water dispenser) or Pitcher water filter companies claim, I suggest a visit to their websites and see if they compare to Multi-Pure.

Our filter needs to be changed every six months, but it depends on the amount of water you consume in your home. I believe Multi-Pure claims their average customer uses one filter annually. Recently, I signed up for auto delivery, so I don't have to think about when it's time to change the filter. The cost turns out to be about .08 cents a gallon with our filter.

Not only are we doing our part to lessen our impact on the environment we are also saving money. If you are wondering what type of water bottles we drink our filtered water in, click here to find out. 


  1. we do the filter and SIGG bottles too. Easier and in the long run cheaper :)

  2. Great post. I hate how purified water is marketted as if it is spring water. The bottled water company to watch out for is Dansani, it is "made" by coke and is purified water although thats not how they advertise it. If i have to buy bottled water i usually buy a large bottle to share between us all then i only have one bottle to recycle and not several. its a lot less plastic too.

  3. Water filters make the most sense - both for the environment and for cutting unnecessary costs. I have to admit that we have of yet to invest in one and just drink from the tap - but the water here is pretty good. I really need to get a filter...

  4. this is great info. i stopped buying water bottles a couple months ago and it's amazing the difference in the recycling bin and i'm not picking up half full water bottles all day long around the house! also my dentist said i was probably getting more cavities b/c i wasnt drinking any flouride...also the reccomend tap water when you're breastfeeding for the flouride as well.

  5. We just do the siggs and the plain old tap water (no filter system), but I've been thinking about getting a filter. Sounds like Multi-Pure is a good choice.

  6. yep we are now proud Sigg owners, even the kiddos so I am a maniac about knowing where the very pricey water bottles are located at all times. I personally like plain old tap water, but the husband likes it out of the fridge. not sure the difference. when we lived in germany we could taste the difference between all the different bottled waters, Vittel being my favorite (French spring water) for still and Gerolsteiner for the bubbly. Mostly likely a better choice than Sam's choice...ew that was gross.

  7. They seriously should be regulated! Dang.

  8. Great info. We have been looking for a filtration system that filters fluoride out - Do you know where Multi Pure stands by chance?

  9. Great info! Thanks for the tips. We use the water from the fridge dispenser. Multi-Pure sounds like an interesting filtration system. I'll have to read up more on it.

  10. I just don't get the whole bottled water thing... Never have, never will. I'm a tap water person myself...

  11. Great post--I'll have to check out the Multipure system.


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