All I Want For Christmas Is A Nice New Wii

Dear Santa (cough, cough Nintendo), 

 Your elves have been working overtime this holiday season. Especially in the marketing department. I can only imagine the team of geniuses in that department, the ones that devised the plan to hire four women to tour around the country hosting "Wii Fit Enthusiast" Parties. 

Your elves took over a Denver house, dressed in black Lyra and green t-shirts, filled the kitchen with catered food, and best of all set up a few televisions complete with Wii's and Wii Fits. All of us that were invited, played with much laughter and a raised heart rate. Seriously. I think while boxing I broke a sweat. Then I was even sore the next day. From playing a Wii Fit. Wow!
Honestly,  I was uncomfortable trying out the Wii Fit for the first time with a group of women that I had met moments before. But I just went for it, weighed myself, BMI right there in front of the crowd, let it all go. Really, I haven't played many video games in the last decade and I have never participated in a full body video interactive experience. I joked many times that my hands were pissed off, for they wanted in on the action. But with the Wii Fit, it was all about balance and full body integration. 
The night was capped off with a special announcement. All guests would be receiving a Wii Fit to go with our Wii Fit Black Lyra outfits, green Wii Fit yoga mat, and a cute black Wii Fit bag to carry it all in. I felt so darn special, giddy really. 
Now my only problem, I don't own a Wii

So Santa, if you read through my archives you can see I have been a very nice girl this year. All I want for Christmas is a nice new Wii. Or maybe a surprise birthday gift (hint, it's this week), if Santa has already purchased my gifts.I want to get passed the awkwardness I felt that night and build balance, improve my posture, and get Fit, Wii Fit. They are so cool. I am sure I don't have to actually say it, as so many people already know. Keep the elves touring around the country, they really know how to spread the cheer and put a smile on everyone's face!

Denise aka EatPlayLove

(Thank you to Greeblemonkey for the invite, photos,  and the gentle nudge to join Twitter, for now I am following almost all those wonderful women in that photo)

(For the record, I have a deep rooted love for Nintendo, just read this. Boy could I take it to the next level!)

wii fit photo credit


  1. You totally deserve one! I hope Santa comes through. That sounds like a totally fun party!

    Oh and you look so ZEN in that picture.

  2. You Wii Fitted with people you just met online? You little workout hussy!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Never know about what Santa will bring ya..last year I asked him for new undies, I got a nice gold and diamond ring from him instead. :o)

  4. Denise
    You have to watch this.

  5. I think you've been good too and deserve one. Looks like so much fun and I love your yoga pose. :)

  6. you deserve a Wii, hope Santa listens he can be fickle. :)

  7. I'm sure you're on Santa's nice list!

  8. hope you get your Wii. the Wii fit looks like fun....
    ps i'm not ignoring your twitter invite but when i click on the link to accept it keeps saying there is a problem! urg! i'll find you somewhere, somehow on twitter!

  9. Oh I'm so jealous, how fun is that?!?! I LOVE Wii. The bf bought one a few months's the only video game I really like because it actually gets you can get sore if you play it right. I want to try out Wii fit sometime, it looks too cool. I hope you get your Wii. :)

  10. Better sit on his lap and ask nicely...

  11. I am so jealous that you scored a free Wii Fit! I'm so addicted to RockStar, I've been finding excuses to go over to Winston's apt to play it. I finally broke down and asked for it for Xmas. Is it weird that a 35 year old is asking for a video game from his parents for Christmas?

  12. First of all - You are so cute in sweats - I've never been able to master that...

    I need a wii too. But mainly b/c I want wii fit. Which is apparently hard to find now. So I guess I'll just continue to be wii unfit for now.

  13. Hoping your christmas wishes come true!

  14. HOLY HELL, that's AWESOME!!!!

    You need to LINK to Nintendo so they see it!

    Wise advice someone (Playgroupie) gave me once...

  15. I'm busy begging Santa for a Wii myself, I'm even crossing my fingers and toes.

    I hope we both get lucky.

    Great post :)

  16. The kids still use the original nintendo that was mine from the late 80's, super mario 3, donkey knong, galaga, centipede, still works great. Boy are they going to be excited christmas morning when they get the Wii, and they don't have a clue they are getting it.

  17. Ya know...I have a Wii...and all I asked for was a Wii Fit...ahem...

    Ok, in the spirit of the season and all, I hope you get one.

  18. I think you did get one...but I could be wrong. ;)
    No idea how you scored an invite, but you are one lucky gal! LOL That looks like so much fun!


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