Eggs, Milk, Bread, And A Surprise For My Car...

There's a new grocery store on the block (so to speak) and it's of the natural variety. To me, it's not quite up to par with the Whole Foods standard I have come to enjoy and expect, but none the less you can find a good bargain right here in the neighborhood. For the record there is not a Whole Foods in my town and I most prefer the one in Boulder, which is about twelve miles away.

When it's a lazy Sunday afternoon and we need eggs, bread, and milk I run to the new local Sprouts Market in a heartbeat. It's nice to not have to drive on the highway to get to the grocery store for just a few things. The atmosphere is better than the traditional neighborhood markets and they do offer some great sales.

Then something strange happens and I rethink the likability of Sprouts. Like I mentioned it was a Sunday afternoon. A quick in and out to the market, for a few things. Oddly enough as I am walking out to my car about to load the groceries into my vehicle, I noticed a shiny wet spill on the back of my car. Upon closer inspection, the shiny wet spill was egg white and there was yolk and shell sitting on my bumper. Not only did my car get egged in the Sprouts Market parking lot, but more importantly, my Barack Obama HOPE sticker was egged in the parking lot. Intentionally.

Can I just say, I can almost guarantee by like 99.8% that there is no way in H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS that this would happen in a Whole Foods parking lot.

I have no ill feelings towards the market itself, but I find it rather odd. Residual anger? Maybe the bag was packed poorly, the egg was broken so they thought it would be a perfect time to deface my car. Or maybe it was kids riding around with some extra eggs, getting a thrill.

More than likely to me, it was a customer of Sprouts. Some asshole still angry that Johnny boy lost the election. Personally I still can't quite comprehend, egging a persons car. But that's me, I've been known to mature with age and that may be too much to ask for everyone. I find it odd that I choose to shop at a market with such morons. Which makes me disappointed in Sprouts. So the guy likes natural meat, but not the President Elect. Join a web group or go to the gym, don't egg other's cars! It seems like there are more proactive ways to vent. But then again that's me.

Who do you think did it or why do you think someone would do it??? I am looking for insight...


  1. What makes you so sure your bumper sticker was the target?
    I'm about 90% positive it was just a stupid kid throwing an egg to be funny. Kids are dumb.

  2. We have a Sprouts but I don't like it because lots of items do contain HFCS and PHO along with fake food coloring, etc. Oh and the staff is pretty clueless. What can I say I love my Whole Foods buddies--the cashier even gives me a hug every time I go ;)

    I am betting it was just some loser in the parking lot egging cars--LOSER! Hopefully it was a pricey organic egg so loser wasted money!

    But you are right--wouldn't happen at WF because we are too sweet and kind and awesome (even if some of us are Republicans) ;)

  3. Very sad that anyone would do that for any reason, but here's my guess:

    It was probably "kids" (high school/early college) who were either: A) egging cars in general & you got hit too; B) egging cars at Sprouts b/c they were mocking natural, "crunchy" shoppers (of which I am also included); or C) they wanted to egg Obama cars & figured many would be at Sprouts

    I would lean toward C, and guess that the "egger" wasn't a Sprouts shopper.

    Seriously sad & pathetic. Ugh.

  4. I hate it when things like that happen, it makes you feel like you're outside with no pants on...or maybe that is just me. I don't know why the person did that but I do know they are simply a jackass!

  5. Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry that happened to you! That's very immature. There are just people out there who hold grudges against everyone and try to bring others down with them. Don't be disappointed in Sprouts, they can't help who shops there. It probably wouldn't have happened at Whole Foods, but if it was a McCain/Palin sticker that might be another story. :)

  6. hello anger issues!

    No excuse. There is never an excuse for that kind of thing.

    Even if I wholeheartedly agreed with how they obviously *feel* about Obama - I would never agree with that kind of mean spirited act.

  7. That's awful--even a relatively minor defacing like that leaves you feeling vunerable. People can be really stupid.

  8. Maybe it was a little child who got into Mommy's eggs and decided to got to town on poor Obama. It is hard to believe that such houligans would hang out in Sprouts of all places. Ezra is always looking for an excuse to crack an egg. I am going with the naughty toddler theory. The irony of it all could make you ponder many different theories however. Love,Keri

  9. I hate to generalize, but I must. Throughout the campaign, I was personally attacked verbally so often by McCain supporters that it was just odd. Everywhere I went, Obama supporters seemed so willing to listen to my husband (who voted McCain) yet, McCain supporters were hostile towards me about Obama. Where's the love?

  10. This is a puzzler.

    How exactly does someone that shops at a store called Sprouts vote for Mccain/palin... Fascinating.

  11. I am betting you got egged, but I live in texas and was run off the highway, spit at, given the finger, by men usually in trucks! my kids thought I was exagerating how much i was being targeted for my OBAMA stickers, I had 3! My son said I needed to take them off my car. I said if YOU BELIEVE you gotta be proud of your choice, I support OBAMA and nobodys going to shut me up! Sorry you got egged! hugs from texas, nance

  12. Egging someone, or harming someone in any way due to race, religion, political views, in my opinion, is ridiculous and disappointing, especially in 2008. However, so are the stereo types and close minded replies I see here. I may not have voted for Obama, but I support him, he's our president. I may drive a truck, vote conservative, believe in God, but I also value the earth, eat organic (when possible), try to remain open-minded and value others opinions, and I recycle too. (gasp)

    Sorry you got egged. That stinks. Hoping it was just some unfortunate teenage prank, and not another bigot. Have a happy day!

  13. That is so awful. It probably was just kids. Maybe you should try sunflower on 80th??!! or the small whole foods next to me.

    Hoping your shopping goes better this week

  14. Knowing where Sprouts is, I figure you were targeted for the sticker. Unfortunate, but it's not Boulder. God, I love Boulder. Hopefully whoever did it benefits mightily from the new administration and has a change of heart. Or goes hiking and pees in a patch of poison ivy and gets an oozy rash. Either one is good. ;)

  15. I'm with Mama Bird? That said...grow up people:P Really, did egging your car help their warped psyche deal with the Obama election?!?

  16. I may not have voted for Obama, but seriously? This is not cool. Was the egg specifically on your sticker? (just wondering how you determined it was because of that) Regardless of who you voted for, it is NOT okay to egg someone's car! Seriously. It's mean, rude, probably considered vandalism...and egging your car will not change the outcome of the election. The stupid immaturity of people is sometimes too much to comprehend. I hope you got it cleaned off quickly before it dried up. I'm so sorry that happened to you.


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