Scattered Holiday Update...And a Plea For Recipes

Currently I am home. It's frigid outside, so going out isn't really an option. Well except for school drop off and pick up. After the big Birthday weekend, reality hit me like a brick. As of this morning, little things have yet to be done. Like Christmas cards. If I was on the ball, I would have spent hours picking out cards, but not this year. It's Costco cards all the way. They have some cute selections and better yet, they'll be ready tomorrow! Considering we took the photos of the girls last week, I am not really sure what my excuse is. Other than I am a slacker.

The biggest thing to do right now, is to cocoon myself into baking mode. It's festive around here, but not festive enough. Not with out the smell of something, anything baking. I need sweet treats to get me through the day, the kind where I can just reach my hand in as I walk through the kitchen and give myself a little pick me up. Maybe the type of sweet treat I can sneak when two pairs of little eyes aren't watching my every move or asking me what the smell is on my breath!

So what's baking in your kitchen this holiday season? Any sweet treat recipes? Anything yummy in your crockpot that would save the day? Please share!


  1. I have not done a bit of baking. This weekend for sure.

    On the cards, I sent mine out with just a photo in them, I didn't even take the time to make the photo cards. I am a slacker.

  2. I posted my favorite cookie recipe last week. It's everyone's favorite once they've tried it. Delicious and SO EASY!

  3. There is NOTHING wrong with Costco cards. I'm doing them this year and I will (sadly) probably have to bail on the letter included idea. I'm already on the road and have limited access to a printer. :( So no letter this year, just a cute picture card. And because I have limited access to a printer, I get to handwrite all the addresses. Joy. Rapture. Ick.
    As for cookie recipes, there is one on All Recipes that is my all time FAVE. Too bad I can't make it anymore...stupid gluten...and now I can't find it. It was a chocolate cookie rolled around a Rolo candy; the one on there isn't the one I've made. :( How about Irish Cream Truffle Fudge:

  4. I've been baking like crazy these past two days! Last night I made dough for gingerbread cookies and chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. The latter are for when S returns home. We'll add M&M's to them as well. Today we are baking chocolate chip gingerbread bars and lemon cookies courtesy of the current issue of Real Simple. Super easy recipes! These last two are for tomorrow's cookie exchange I'm having. BTW, I did do your dad's cookie recipe last year and loved it. Did I ever tell you that? Can't remember. Happy Baking!

  5. Here are the two treats that I made for my Tea Party last week.

    And here is a wonderful White Chili that we all loved!

  6. Of course I have recipes--I've made merigne (sp?) cookies dipped in bittersweet chocolate, chocolate sandwich cookies rolled in crushed peppermint sticks and short bread--let me know if you want any recipes ;)

    And crock pot--tons...let me know what you are craving ;)

  7. No real baking here, but will when I go on holiday and will send you some easy recipes to you!

  8. check out this recipe for pistachio-cherry mexican wedding cakes, it's been a staple on our xmas cookie tray for the past couple of years and it's fast becoming a new fave. pretty easy to make too.

    hope to find some time to make something special this year, but the clock is ticking... wish i could be there in the kitchen with you.

  9. I did the costco cards and picked them up today..I didn't like the first batch of cards I was going to do and decided this was wayyyyy easier...
    I baked these for the cookie exchange today...these are my favorite cookies along with mexican wedding cakes
    Dried Cranberry Biscotti
    2 ½ cups flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    ½ tsp salt
    1 ½ c. sugar
    ½ c. butter
    2 large eggs
    ½ tsp vanilla extract or almond extract
    1 c. dried cranberries
    1 egg white
    6 oz good quality white chocolate

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper or silpat. Combine flour, baking powder, and salt in a medium bowl. Whisk to blend. Using electric or stand mixer, beat butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla extract until well blended. Add flour mixture and then cranberries. Divide dough in half. Using floured hands shape each piece into a 2 ½" wide, 9 ½" long 1 inch high log. Transfer to prepared baking sheet. Whisk egg white until foamy and brush egg wash over top and sides of each log

    Bake logs about 30 minutes or until golden brown. (Logs will spread) Cool completely on wired rack and maintain oven temperature. Transfer logs to a cutting board and using a serrated knife cut logs on the diagonal ½" thick. Arrange slices on baking sheet. Bake 8 minutes and then turn over and bake for another 5 minutes. Cool completely on wired rack.

    Melt white chocolate in a double boiler or glass bowl over simmering water. Using a fork drizzle chocolate over cooled biscotti. Let stand for 30 minutes. Can be made 1 week ahead. Freeze in airtight container. Thaw at room temp. Makes 28 cookies or you can cute them in half before 2nd bake for bite sized cookies.

  10. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  11. I have a jump in your mouth cookie recipe - email me bak and I will send.

  12. Those raspberry coconut thumbprints were the total bomb! Your idea of course. I like to make fresh gingerbread, I know it is not cookies, but it is so delicious with fresh whipped cream. Maybe we should bake this wknd, and get loaded up on chai and sugar. Keri

  13. checking in on you but, alas, my suggestion for recipes is to order in.

  14. Tea loaf
    Soak 12 oz dried mixed fruit with 4oz soft dark sugar over night in 1 cup strong tea.
    Add 8 oz self raising flour and 1 egg, mix well and bake in 1lb loaf tin for 1 hour at 180.
    See Kathleen for translation!
    So easy I know it off by heart and it tastes great

  15. I had to laugh when I read this post - I didn't make any cards this year, either! AND I ended up buying cards from Costco - I couldn't resist the box of handmade ones.

  16. Erin at Following My Folly posted a super yummy Martha Stewart Chocolate Chip Gingerbread recipe. I tried it out, and it was delicious.

    I just made this recipe: Not in a crockpot, but it has a crockpot-y stew feel. I am feeling very carnivorous lately, and I adore squash so it was perfect!

  17. Umm... I don't bake anything. But I do love the holidays. Wishing you a wonderful one.

  18. Thank you everyone, the recipes look fab!

  19. Spritz cookies...had myself a baking day 2 Saturdays ago...I love baking, I just haven't had the time or energy for it lately. It was nice to spend a baking day. :)


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