Tuesday Tips: "Made With Love Project" A Perfect Gift!!!

At the Coldplay show I recently attended, someone ahead of me in line bought a pack of bracelets. I decided to buy a pack as well. At the time, I had no idea they were made by a non-profit charity or that Chris Martin wears them. I get so many compliments on my bracelets. I wanted to suggest them as gifts to anyone in your life that likes something unique and that supports a great cause. Personally, I would buy the twenty pack and grace a few friends with them. I adore mine. They have a unique odor, which I smell through out the day. I can't quite help myself when thinking, Chris Martin smells this same smell everyday. I know I am a bit kooky, but it's a good thing.

Made With Love Project
The bracelets are made from recycled rubber by a women's cooperative in Djenne, Mali. The women are paid three times the going rate for the bracelets, thus providing them with viable means of support. The money made from the sale of the bracleets goes to L'Empire des Enfants. L'Empire des Enfants helps homeless children from the streets of Dakar, Senegal by providing them with shelter, meals, education, and training.

That's what I would call a Win-Win gift for everyone! Bracelets are 10 for $12 or 20 for $20, through the link above.

Just because I adore this song, you can see Chris Martin playing the piano with his bracelets on. Enjoy!


  1. That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. I love when companies give women the option to do that. Our Christmas cards are made by women in Haiti who collect the fallen bark from banana trees off the ground and make cards from it.

  3. This group actually had something on my campus once, I didn't get to go but my roommate got the most beautiful bracelet, it was so neat.


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