Tuesday Tips: What's Your Holiday Message?

Now while some of my views may differ from this video, I would say the overarching theme speaks loud and clearly to me. It was posted by Domestic Accident and I think it's brilliant. 

$450 Billion Dollars spent on Christmas in the United States. Gasp!

It's funny to think if I agree with the message then how do I always wind up getting caught up in the commercialism? Right now I can tell you I am fighting it! Gloves on and out of my wallet. I'm stepping away from my credit cards.It's just so hard to have discipline to not just go for it.  

We did very simple and thoughtful gifts for the grandparents and the girls are getting a short list. By the way, if I only want a Wii, that's not being selfish is it? Just Kidding. I'm really not getting a  Wii. I am content with my new boots for my anniversary, birthday, and Christmas present. Content as a clam. 

Spread your love, give someone something unexpected like your time, or a home cooked meal. Try baking cookies, bag them up, and hand them out to strangers. Strangers, I said it. You may just make someone smile. Isn't that what we all want, to spread the sunshine? (Oh and give the corporate banks a big, HA-HA!)


  1. Totally agree (but it is hard!)!

  2. That was amazing! Little late to completely adhere this year (most of my shopping is done) A lot of my gifts are homemade...but there are store bought as well. Thanks for sharing this video.

  3. it's tough, the holiday season is the one time all year we really go all out; but even we are trying to be smart about our dollars.

  4. So,so true! We're trying to cut back this year, too.

  5. I love that video. I just makes me teary.

  6. I agree!! We're cutting down on the gifts this year. We're also making bread and cookie treats for our friends. S and I aren't exchanging gifts, but seeing a Shakespearean play together. :)

  7. I have the chills after watching that. How can I forward it to friends? I too am spending less. I think my whole Hanukkah budget will come in under $500.00 and I'm very proud of that.

    Thanks so so much for this.


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