What Happened When I Sent My 5 Year Old To The Shaun White Drawing School...

It's a beautiful thing that a young man like Shaun White has become a household name. Snowboarding and skateboarding are so mainstream, I don't bat an eye when my mother says did you see Shaun White win the Gold Medal in the Halfpipe? My mind instantly races to think, did my mom just say Halfpipe and Shaun White in the same sentence??? Not to mention the obvious "Gold Medal- Snowboarding-Olympics". Crazy! When I was younger and very much intrigued by boys that rode skateboards, they always got the thumbs down. Skateboarders were nonchalantly categorized into the group of kids that were up to no good. If the grown men that I grew up with had anything to take away from their youth, it would be skateboarding is not a crime.
Early Fall, we decided to purchase our new skiing/snowboarding gear for the upcoming season. While perusing the clothes for my five year old on the Burton website, I came across The White Collection. Oh, very cute stuff. Collaboratively designed by Burton and Shaun White. The twenty two year old, single gold medal toting playboy, now designing jackets for women. Seems like a perfect fit, if you aren't a thirty something, mother of two. But you know, I was once hip, I thought I can rock the White Collection. My new Lady Windsor's Finest Jacket came in a big brown box along with some very hip snowboarding clothing for my daughter. Both of us, lucky ducks.
Then I proceeded to hang my new jacket in the closet for over a month. I busted it out on the first chilly night of the season. When I arrived at my destination, I noticed something in an inside pocket of my jacket. That something which caught my eye, was "The Complete Guide To Drawing A Dog Farting". I thought, does that say drawing a dog farting??? Sure enough it did. See what I get for buying a jacket designed by a twenty two year old...

So what does any good mother do with such a piece of literature? Throw it away, make others laugh, or get the best chuckle of all, pass it along to my five year old. Yes, indeed pass it along to my five year old, who enjoys all sorts of potty talk these days. Just say the word poop and her face lights up.

I must admit, she's got her parents artistic talent. Thanks Shaun White and Burton, we had one damn good laugh. Enjoy!


  1. LOL! Great picture! I love the coat too.

  2. OMG a coat that's made for all of us to look lovely in and a gift of coloring for kids...it's a perfect combination!!!!

    I love the drawing by the way!


  3. That drawing is hilarious, a real keeper! My very old ski jacket is jealous.

  4. An awesome jacket AND a hilarious drawing. You can't go wrong there! Hahahaha!!!!

    I seriously LOVE that jacket!!!

  5. Duuude, that totally rocks! I want a coat designed by a cute 22-year old! Do they make them for newly 40-year old moms? Should I specially request the farting dog drawing guide?

    Most excellent share.

  6. DUDE! She can draw Walter the Farting Dog now! LOL What a cool addition to a coat. ;)

  7. LOVE that coat! The pictures are hilarious. :-)

  8. Lol, too funny. Looks like you got some cute clothes.

  9. omg! That is the best. I mean, how did they come up with that? Can you see them sitting around the board room trying to decide on an extra little bonus? Everyone is coming up with smart little handy guides for the perfect ski jump or maybe how to keep your toes warm or maybe even the recipe for hot chocolate...but then Shaun White chimes in..."how about we include a guide to drawing a dog farting?" Uh yeah, sure Shaun...and so they did.


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