Emotions Transcended Television Broadcast

Oh yesterday, oh glorious day. I realized this morning that if I didn't write a reflection of yesterday's events I probably would regret it in the future. So here I sit thinking about yesterday. The girls and I spent the morning glued to the television coverage. I was thrilled that I could watch with my oldest, as Kindergarten didn't start until the afternoon, so the morning was ours. The history in the making was ours to share. 

I decided to take photos of the girls celebrating because I knew they would want to remember the day. To share with friends and their own children the day Obama was sworn into office. The day American History was changed forever. 

One of the strongest impressions I will take away from the experience was the feeling. The overwhelming feeling of seeing so many thousands of people participating in history. The feeling of HOPE transcended through emotion. After a while the newscasters questioning about I never thought I would see this day, became redundant to me. It made me reflect deeper into what was happening. 

While I couldn't be more prouder of having the first African American President sworn into office, the feelings and emotions that were displayed were profound to me. I could see in people's faces the feeling that their future is going to be different. That America can once again care for it's people and believe in us. That America can be the greatest nation on earth, not through our wealth or our power, but by our character. A character that has been tarnished the world over, not to mention from coast to coast. If we believe again in the power of the people then there is no recession too big to overcome, no bureaucracy too deep to change. Change for the better, change for the people. 

Did you see how full of joy everyone was? Did you see the smiles on the President and First Lady's faces? Did you see the Obamas hold hands, embrace people, show emotion like no other First Family I have ever seen. Their warmth, honor, and graciousness exuded beyond television broadcasting. They're definitely my kind of people. Thank Goodness that emotion has been allowed into the White House, for it's a beautiful thing. 
Time to embrace a new day. A new beautiful day America.


  1. It was amazing and I loved every second of it. I adore him. Really them, all of them. They are such a beautiful family.

  2. I wish I had not missed all of it, but did! However I, share every last bit of your joy and excitement for that phenomenal human being to lead our country! Finally something to look forward to in America! xoxoKeri

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  4. Very nice ceremony and I'm looking forward to seeing what Obama will accomplish.

  5. I think it's incredible that we have our first African American President, it definitely was a historic day.

  6. Your kids will love having this post & those pics later in life.

  7. I am glad you wrote something. I wanted to but got sick. I took the kids up to lookout mountain i wanted to end and inspirational day.


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