She Can Do It

Here's a conversation between my daughter and I today, while watching the Inauguration on television:

Mom, have their been any lady presidents? No, not yet. But what about that Clinton Lady, wasn't she President? No, she lost the nomination to Barack Obama, who is now our new President, isn't it wonderful? Yes, it is. I am so excited because now I can be the FIRST Lady President. Yes, you can.

Followed up with hugs and big smiles. In that moment today I truly believed if she really wanted to, she can do it. 


  1. Oh yes she can! :) Yes she can.

  2. Last night my daughter told me she wanted to be President and I told her, ' You can, IF you eat your broccoli."

  3. you go for it Sj ( her hair is getting so long, i never noticed the other day but the picture above really shows it.)


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