Starting Anew, Welcome 2009

Even though I am not huge on "New Year's Resolutions", I will happily admit I am huge on the New Year. I love the notion of starting anew. New year, another chance to seize the moment. A great way to work through personal struggles, with a fresh beginning. With a New Year, comes some general notions on how I would like to steer the course for the next year. A chance to really take living to the next level (for me!).

Sporadically through out my blog over the last year or so, I've mentioned my desire to budget. Now I never quite envision writing down every nickel and dime we spend or pouring each penny into a spread sheet to see the numbers in a new way. I have always wanted harmony when it came to spending. I don't feel an overwhelming desire to obtain things, but I do have find myself unconsciously spending every month. Admittedly sometimes I dread opening a credit card statement when it arrives in the mail, knowing I would be disappointed by the balance. Or balancing my checkbook once every couple of weeks, rather than daily because I know the feelings that it evokes.

My husband and I, spent New Year's Eve talking about money. Talking about where we would like to be in one year, financially. Setting realistic expectations. Looking hard at the numbers, monthly bills and monthly wastes. Then a few people recommended All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren, so I stopped by my local bookseller (where I had a gift card, thank you) and picked it up. The universe speaks and I actually listened.

Our goal, to consciously spend. To consciously reduce the one credit card debt we have. It hangs over my head at night, when I know the flow of money for the month is off, whenever I use it knowing damn well I shouldn't be. I don't want it weighing down on me anymore, I know in one year, I will let the burden go.

The second thought for starting anew, as always is working out. I now have Wii Fit, so there are no more excuses (can't afford the gym, need childcare, too cold out to run, feel intimidated). Everyday I can take a minimum of 20 minutes, but hopefully more like 45 minutes for myself. To make my body strong, to improve my posture, and possibly enjoy the perks of dropping a few pounds. I never really care to put a number on weight, I just want to fit into my jeans with out a sigh. I want to enjoy all foods in moderation. Working out is the key to the puzzle that I never consistently place in the picture. It's time, 2009.

What's the overall theme of my 2009 hopes?

Conscious Living

No longer pushing aside feelings for things or food. Being there, feeling it. Learning a new way to love live, for the better, for in my heart I definitely know better than what I've been giving myself.


  1. Great post! I also shared some goals relating to managing household finances at

    Have you tried Quicken? I'm going to try it starting TODAY because I'm told it really lets you see where all of your money is, and where it needs to be, on one screen.
    Happy New Year.

  2. theres lots of surveys too that if you pay cash for everything you will spend less. Thats why when we eat out we always use cash, it's harder to put down several $20 than to just sign a cheque. Good luck and all the best for 2009

  3. we are working on our budget too :0
    I really like Dave Ramsey--he actually has a website and talk show so you don't need to spend anything for more tips.
    And yay for the wii fit--Santa was good :)

  4. My prayers are with you on these new "resolutions."

    Happy New Year, chica :)

  5. I have a review of the book up today...unless it got eaten by wordpress. ;)
    My 2009 themes are mindfulness, simplicity, and Yes. We'll see how that goes. LOL

  6. You go girl...great goals! I'll be seeing you soon;)

  7. Excellent goals. I can't wait to hear how you do. My main goal is to be more positive- which includes being positive with my bank account and body.

    I might have to pick up that book- on that is.

    Happy New Year!

  8. We're making cc debt reduction a big goal this year, too. I think I've finally hit a point where I actually see cc debt as a problem, and don't just casually live with it. No more jcrew! :)

  9. That is the best resolution that I have heard. I might just take a page from your book there. It sounds like 2009 has the potential to be great despite whatever happens out there in the big wide world.

  10. Conscious living...I like that. From reading your blog I think you are already doing that in many ways when it comes to your kids and the I think this will come natural to you.

  11. That's a great theme!

    Happy New Year to you & yours

  12. I like the conscious living. That is my everyday struggle. Most of the time, my positive side wins. The exercise will help with that too. As for budgeting, that can be hard as well. I try to think about "do I really need this, or do I want this?," "I need to use what I have first," and the dreaded feeling of that credit card statement. Happy new year my friend!!!!

  13. Great post, my dear! I'm not one for resolutions but definitely believe in having visions and goals and yours are right along the sames lines as mine!

  14. My husband and I decided our new years resolution was this: to be more consistent. As opposed to "working out 3 times a week" or whatever, we thought this was a more expansive goal.


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