Time For A New Year, New Groove!

As for many of you, this morning is the first morning of the rest of the year. The morning the kids are back to school, hubby is off to work, and the groove that was once flowing in the household may return. When was that groove by the way, maybe mid-November? It had to have been before all the excitement of big meals, arrivals of men in red suits with loads of toys, baking cookies like we were a retail establishment, and chocolate fondue for New Year's Eve. But it's time to get back to business around here. I am so ready. 

Funny enough my daughter's school district didn't think two weeks was a long enough break for the holidays. My kindergartener had the Friday before and Monday after break off as well. For a total of way too many days off. I don't even know if she can recognize her ABC's anymore or count to 10. Wonder how long it's going to take nineteen 5 and 6 year olds to get back into the business of learning groove? 

Now that it's a new year and a new groove, hopefully you'll find me posting around here with more regularity. With that said, I also found myself a new place to share my trials and tribulations of life, over at Silicon Valley Mom's Blog, their Rocky Mountain Moms Blog just launched recently. If you haven't been, stop by. Don't worry, I'll let you know when I'm posting over there. My first post is of a private matter, but I couldn't think of a better audience to share with. 

Wishing you a New Year's Groove like no other! 


  1. we too are eager to get back in the routine of things. Hopefully give or take a day we will be back to normal.

  2. oh thank God the routine has returned!!!!! I am amazed I am able to leave the house at 830 in the morning...who knew?

    I like your new picture too.

  3. My chilrun don't go back till Wednesday!!! Hopefully then I will find a groove like no other. Hoping you do too!

  4. My first graders had today off as well. It was a very restless day for all of us.

    Can't wait to read you over there too! Hooray.

  5. Excited you're coming over to RMMB! :) And love the new pic!

  6. I love my son, but I've never been so excited to go back to work. He was ready to go visit his little friends at school, and I was ready to sit down for more than five minutes at a time!

  7. Yay! Glad to see your face on Rocky Mountain Moms Blog! I need to get my act together and find time to blog in two different places, because I'm majorly slacking.


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