All Those Babies...

Oh Nadya, Nadya Suleman the woman who's the biggest news story these days. Funny enough even though I am content with my two girls and have opinions about overpopulating our planet, you won't find me attacking someone else's choices. It saddens me that we are so quick to judge and blame, criticize and chastise. 

My opinions of her waxed and waned as the news reports flooded every avenue of communication without much information. For me the story first unfolded with a woman had eight babies in California. My response, Good Lord, eight babies. I sat watching the news conference as the Doctors shared, they thought there were seven, but voile baby number eight made her way onto the scene. Then it didn't take but twenty four hours for the judgements to hit the presses. Oh no, she already had six children. She just wanted another. She didn't have a husband. She doesn't have a job. Now she has fourteen children, of which many "may" have medical needs. 

Enter in lots and lots of name calling and personal attacks. 

But what do I think? I have always felt blessed to become a mother. Pregnancy came very easy for me, even with one surprise. My daughters were both born with 10 Apgars. From day one of seeing two pink lines on a pregnancy test to now, motherhood is something I have never taken for granted. I have friends that struggled with a whole myriad of issues surrounding their pregnancies and one friend that never was able to conceive. 

People, this is America. We don't have a limit on the number of children you can have. We are free to give birth until mother nature says times up, even if that's at 60 years old. We GLORIFY families of multiples, hello Jon & Kate Plus 8! Kate has admitted to just wanting one more and she got 6 more. Now they are living the dream in a new million dollar house, thanks to our obsession with watching them. Watching their every move with all those kids, curiosity at it's finest. As for the Duggars I'll refrain, but I watch them too. I shake my head in amazement. 

So let's talk about Nadya, a woman who always wanted to be a mother. Who just wanted one more baby. Seems to be the brunt of society attacks. The universe gave her eight more babies. Her life is going to be a struggle, but I don't think we should put her down for wanting to love and care for other human beings unconditionally. I think we'd be hard pressed to find a woman that has gone through the ups and downs of fertility procedures that would actually select to give up a growing baby, a life that is a miracle. 

With out knowing this woman, I say lay off of her. Let her live her life embracing the challenges she faces. Deep down I hope that she makes the best choices to give those children amazing lives, for they were destined to be here. Let's think about the Doctors that made these decisions, was it a best practice? There sure will be lessons learned from this. One more thing, let's not judge a single mother for not finding a person to spend her life with, yet. Once again it's America, where women can make the choice to have children even with out a man. 

I have a feeling this is not the last we've seen of Nadya. I am sure TLC has her number. 


  1. On this one I'm with you. Plus, if she really does go with TLC, which she so should...then I'll get to hear what she named them, which I so want to know. :)

  2. you make some good points. and i really agree with you. This is america and we can do whatever we want. but she clearly doesn't have the financial means to take care of all these kids. So won't we (americans + taxpayers) end up bearing the burden?

  3. I agree with you about some points, and that the overall judgement of this mother has been harsh. At the same time, there's something about what I've percevied to be her approach to creating and nurturing lives that makes me uncomfortable.

  4. I personally think that Micheal Phelps doing bong hits is far more entertaining in the news. As far as that poor woman, god help her with taking care of all of these beings. That is karmic retribution enough. loVe, keri

  5. Maybe it's all part of a master plan to be the next "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" ("Nadya Plus Fourteen"). She figued that six kids just wasn't enough to get the sensationalist television vote. But single mother of fourteen??? Hello Oprah! Where do I sign for my book deal?

  6. I'm not one to jump to a judgment. I read the coverage and watched the news and the bottom line for me is this: while we don't have a limit on the number of children that you can have here in America, we do have standards for child care. Having children without having the proper resources to care for those children is reckless and, if she does not have a plan to improve her circumstances, can be abusive.

    Children are a wonderful blessing - they should be treated as such. She may have wanted just one more - but I think that going for "just one more" when you are struggling to care for six... it's irresponsible.

    I think that this news story has stirred up a lot of negative criticism, yes - but I think there's another important issue to look at here - a broader one - at what point do we stand up and say that yes, America is Free... but that doesn't mean free reign to harm others. And having 14 children in 8 years with no means of supporting them? That will harm those children.

  7. I too tired of the negativity, this women may not be the brightest person and not many envy her situation but instead of damning the lady why are people looking for ways to HELP her children they are so "worried" about?! Call me cynical but it seems like people just want to judge.

  8. Please excuse my poor spelling and grammar in my comment I am blaming comment via the iPhone and my very sleepy brain.

  9. A differing opinion perhaps, but while I agree that she should be able to have children until her body says nos mas,she has no right to expect us to pay.

    The hospital bill is $200k plus, which she hasn't the resources to pay. Can you imagine the diaper bill. The formula, the baby food. None of which she can afford. Health care? No way.

    A decent rule of thumb may be, if the state wouldn't let you adopt, in vitro may be a poor option for you.

    Am I the only one who sees foster care for these 14 kids down the road?

  10. This is a really hard one. I am just praying for those sweet babies!
    They are here and we need to accept what she did.

  11. Its such a shame about all the negative press, and like you i am sure we will be hearing more about them, i am sure they just want to live get on with their lives and enjoy time with the 8 new babies.

  12. People are so quick to judge others. I guess it makes them feel better about their own faults and sins by criticizing the shortcomings of others. I feel sad for such people.

    What a beautiful and sensitive post.


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