Open Enrollment, Year Two....Sigh

Last year when I was trying to Open Enroll my daughter into a "choice" school for Kindergarten, I was very open about it and even touched upon some general feelings I was having about school choice and social class. This year, I just kind of kept mum about it. No need to tour schools, as soon as Boulder Valley Schools Open Enrollment began, I submitted my application. Then we waited a couple of months.

Then we received the post card with our choices. Then we waited some more.

Then we received a letter in the mail. The kind of letter that makes your heart start pounding like you just found a wad of hundred dollar bills mistakenly stuffed into an envelope in your mailbox. Or the kind of letter that makes you feel like someone just stuck a dagger through your heart, as for when it's open, it's words contain the exact opposite of what you wanted it to say.

I visualized driving to the school everyday. I mapped it out and put it on my Dreams board. I thought about lunches and how my hubby would drop our daughter off in the morning and I would pick her up in the afternoon. I thought about my baby being grown up and turning six years old and moving on from her cute part time Kindergarten class to full time big kid school.

But we didn't get into any of our 4 choices. We now wait for round two letters.

I'm sorry to say that if my daughter didn't get into school when there were 30 openings for Kindergarten, how in the world would she get in for First grade, when there are maybe one or two spots. Problem is, I have faith. I believed she would get into an Arts school that would feed her love of art and drama. That she would experience an incredible non-mainstream education, one full of Boulder zest and flair, one full of my dreams for her.

Whatever may happen, in the future rounds or letters, I am okay with it. Sometimes I feel a bit disgruntled and want to blame it on class and society. But other times, I know she's in a great school, one where she'll get a fine mainstream education.

I'm still waiting on good news in an envelope, I feel in my heart it will arrive. I am hoping on or around February 27th. I'll be sure to update. Anyone else out there going through school enrollment or choice enrollment blues? Sometimes it just feels so lonely being left out!


  1. I'm not remotely ready for anything like that. I don't even understand it.

  2. Oh hon. I'm so sorry. :( I've BTDT, and it ain't fun.

  3. It all sounds so foreign and strange to me. Around here you pick the school, enroll your child, and that is it. If the classes get too many kids they add another 1st grade class and hire another teacher. Hmmm.

    I'm sorry it didn't work out the way you dreamed it would. That really sucks. I hope the school she enrolls in turns out to be wonderful too.

  4. I'm sorry... :( No matter what happens, she will always be a special girl.

  5. I'm sorry... :( No matter what happens, she will always be a special girl.

  6. I hope that where ever she ends up, that it works out perfectly. My oldest was lucky enough to get into the choice school we wanted most. Lucky for us, the other two get in just because they are siblings. I love choice schools. :)


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